Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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To Know Zhang Hongbao from the Angle of Political Views


The Editor’s Notes the political views of Mr. Zhang Hongbao are the important part of Kylin Culture founded by him. Because his views are contrary to the theoretical foundation on which CPC built the Party and the nation. He suffered political persecutions for ten years.


In May this year, after Mr. Zhang has made his article “The Key Points of My ‘Different Political Views’” (hereinafter referred to as “The Key Points” for short) public again, CPC went so far as to act hurriedly and Changed the political charge imposed on Mr. Zhang Hongbao originally into criminal offense so as to forcibly intercept his request for political asylum. They Also resorted to rare force to wantonly defame,…. In the mainland, CPC Condemns the dissenters both in speech and in writing all the times, and Swords and spears plus prison bars are often used. However this time, in Addition to slander, CPC resorts to use the prison where Guam island is locked up to oppose Mr. Zhang Hongbao.


Today, we make of Mr. Zhang’s “The Key Points” public to the world again and publish several short reviews at the same time. Please learn what he says, think over what he explains and watch his behaviour and give Mr.


Zhang Hongbao’s political character an appraisal.


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