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US Secretary Censured the Crackdown Zhong Gong in China


US Secretary of State Ms Albright’s comments on Zhong-gong in “Annual Report of International Religious Freedom” (Excerpt)


“Annual Report of International Religious Freedom” for this year was presented by Ms. Albright at a subsidiary meeting of World Leaders Summit on September 5, 2000.


Ms. Albright referred to this report as “horrible to read”. She indicated that religious freedom is not just an American concept but also the key element in “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.


Albright stressed that each country has its own political and judiciary system; however, the history and culture of any country should not prevent it from implementing the principle of religious freedom in “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.


According to a report: The Zhong Gong - qigong group, which reportedly had a following rivaling that of Falun Gong, was banned under the anti-cult application of the Criminal Law. Zhong Gong like other qigong groups, teaches that the body's vital forces, or qi, can be harnessed for healing purposes and spiritual growth through meditation and spiritual exercises. its leader, Zhang Hongbao, was charged with rape, forgery, and illegal crossing of boundaries.


According to a news report, a local Zhong Gong leader Chen Jilong, was convicted in January 2000 of illegally practicing medicine and was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Two leaders of other Qigong groups also reportedly were arrested, and the Government banned the practice of qigong exercises on public or government property. This has created an atmosphere of uncertainty for many, (of not most),Qigong practitioners, and there are reports that some qigong practitioners now fear practicing or teaching openly.


LA Times pointed out that the “Annual Report of International Religious Freedom” by the US Congress cited the way Beijing government dealt with Zhong-gong as an example of  “the humiliation inflicted upon religious freedom by a government.”


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