Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

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Mainstream American Society Calls on Justice Department

to Grant Political Asylum to Zhang Hongbao



From New York Times Message Board



Mainstream American Society Calls on Justice Department

to Grant Political Asylum to Zhang Hongbao,

an Outstanding Chinese Spiritual Community Leader


(Editor's word)


In the following articles, several eminent figures in the mains tream American society express their grave concerns, offer some analyses, and suggest possible solutions in regard to the political asylum case involving Zhang Hongbao, an outstanding spiritual community leader from China. Among them are letters sent by the U.S. Senate majority leader Mr. Trent Lott, the Chairperson of Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate Mr. Jesse Helms, and senior U.S. senator Mr. Bob Smith, addressed to the newly appointed U.S.


Attorney General Mr. John Ashcroft, requesting for the assurance of Mr. Zhang Hongbao's safety and for granting him political asylum. There is also a report about a Guam senator Mr. San Dos expressing his support for Zhang Hongbao.


These letters and demonstrations of support share three major characteristics.


1. They all recognize Zhang Hongbao as an outstanding dissident leader of China's spiritual movements;

2. They all dismiss the validity of the "criminal evidence" produced by the Chinese government to inculpate Zhang Hongbao;

3. They all believe that, according to the American laws, Zhang Hongbao should be released immediately and granted political asylum, and his personal safety should be assured.


These articles draw public attention to the following facts.


After more than one year's development, Zhang Hongbao's political asylum case has become an important political case in today's America.


The fight over this case is essentially a struggle between defamatory political persecutions and anti-persecution; it is a struggle characterized by defamatory activities in the territory of the United States carried out by some people here in collaboration with the Chinese Communist government; it is a struggle that assumes the form of a legal battle. The direct cause of CCP's hysterical persecution of Zhang Hongbao can be traced to the 99.8 National Campaign that was initiated, organized and directed by Zhang in August 1999, dealing a heavy blow to Jiang Zemin and CCP totalitarian dictatorship. 2. The mainstream American society, which has kept silent about this issue for quite some time, uttered its calls for justice. 3. America has proved itself to be America, a land that upholds human rights and humanitarian values, a country that precludes Chinese-style political persecutions. People have reasons to believe that Zhang Hongbao will be able to realize the initial goals he had when he came to America.


According to media reports, one of the top qualifications in President Bush's appointment of the Attorney General is his dedication to executing laws fairly, justly, and uncompromisingly. We believe that the new Attorney General, Mr. John Ashcroft will carry out his important duties in the political asylum case of Mr. Zhang Hongbao.


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