Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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U.S. Senate majority leader Trent (Republican Party)

Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft


From New York Times Message Board



U.S. Senate majority leader Trent (Republican Party)

Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft

of Department of Justice of U.S.A


United States Senate

March 16.2001


The Honorable John Ashcroft

Attorney General

Department of Justice

Washington, D.C.


Dear John:


I want you to know of my deep concern about personal safety and liberty of Mr. Zhang Hongbao, a Chinese national, who has been in our Federal detention system in Guam since January 29, 2000.


Mr. Zhang Hongbao is the prominent dissident leader of a non-government organization, Zhong Gong, a spiritual movement involving tens of million of Chinese citizens according to the Department of State. He was granted asylum by our immigration court in Hawaii on June 13, 2000, with the decision later being converted to " withholding of deportation" on September 20, 2000 under the UN Anti-Torture Convention incorporated into our Federal law. The case was cross-appealed and is pending in the BIA. Mr. Zhang's protective status granted by Judge Dayna Dias will allow him to resided and work in our country for an indefinite period of time. Jailing Mr. Zhang or releasing him is a discretional matter within the authority of the Attorney General.


As the leader of the largest civic organization in communist China, Mr. Zhang's personal safety and his liberty are a risk while he remains either incarcerated or released on Guam. I believe that your office should take appropriate action to ensure his safety and freedom by considering the following two actions:


1. Release Mr. Zhang Hongbao from incarceration in Guam and uphold the Immigration Court's original June-September 2000 decision;


2. Transfer Mr. Zhang Hongbao to safe facilities here in Washington, D.C.


I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.




Trent Lott


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