Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Guam Congressman Robert Pays Active Attention

to Rescuing Zhang Hongbao

(Alliance of Rescuing Zhang Hongbao News Dec. 22nd )



From 11:40 to 12:30 this morning, Guam congressman Robert A. Underwood and the legislative assistant Marce Smith met the representatives of the Alliance of Rescuing Zhang Hongbao and the leader of International Zhong Gong General Association Yan Qingxin urgently and were acquainted with the conditions of inhumane treatment and continuous detention which Mr. Zhang Hongbao had suffered in Guam Prison. 


Mr. Robert carefully heard the introduction of Zhong Gong being subjected to persecutions in China mainland and the wide reactions of international media and particularly inquired about the whole story of Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s political asylum case. Mr. Robert was “very disturbed” by present circumstances of such a spiritual leader as Mr. Zhang Hongbao, promised to get in touch with the head of Guam Immigration Bureau David Johnson urgently to carry out investigation of the inhumane treatment which Mr. Zhang Hongbao suffered in Guam Prison, and pressed for Guam Prison to further improve Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s living conditions. Mr. Robert will also carry out conscientiously investigating the possibility of administration of Clinton Government intervening in Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s political asylum case and influencing the judicial independence, negotiate with relevant respects on Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s claim of “immediate release” and fix the time for giving reply to Alliance of Rescuing Zhang Hongbao. 


Mr. Robert’s active attention to rescuing Mr. Zhang Hongbao has made Alliance of Rescuing Zhang Hongbao and International Zhong Gong General Association be gratified.


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