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Senator of Guam Santos Swear to Help the Jailed


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Senator of Guam Santos swear to help the jailed

Chinese spiritual leader Zhang Hong Bao


It was reported by reporter Steve Limitiaco in "Pacific Daily News" of Mar. 28 that Senator of Guam Sen. Angel Santos and D. Busrigada, went to visit the Chinese spiritual leader Zhang Hong Bao in prison of Guam on Mar. 27.


As per the report, Zhang Hong Bao said that seeking asylum in United States was not for his own sake but rather for his organization and his country.


With the help of an interpreter, Zhang Hong Bao told the Senator: "I think the US is the best place for us to continue our development."


At the visitors' reception, Santos said to Zhang: " I would like to provide my support by making sure that the US government will know your appeal of asylum". He promised to write to President Bush on behalf of Zhang.


Santos also said: " I am a human right activist too. Both of us are kind of driven by conscience."


Santos said it was his honor to get to know Zhang Hong Bao who has inspired millions of people, and he would take advantage of his position as a congressman to help draw more attention to Zhang's case.


Santos told Zhang: " I will pray for you and your release, I wish you could continue your cause."


As per people at present of the visit, Santos encouraged Mr. Zhang Hong Bao that he should not suffer the current torture for nothing and they should hand in hand to fight for peoples' basic rights. Santos also acclaimed that Zhang was a real spiritual leader with charisma and no wonder he had so many followers.


It was also reported that Dr. Wang Bing Zhang, one of the founders of Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement, was among the companies to visit Zhang Hong Bao in prison of Guam.


Dr. Wang said: " what Mr. Zhang Hong Bao is doing are exactly the things that senator Santos is working on, i.e., protecting the traditional culture and value which is a challenge to the Chinese government and the Marxist system."


Major local media including TV station and newspaper have made interviews of the event all the way down.


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