Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Support of Zhang Hong Bao and Zhong Gong

From the US Government and the Public



Movement 1.


Resolution of the US Senate vehemently condemned Chinese government's crackdown on Zhong Gong


The Number 22 Resolution was passed unanimously in senate on Mar. 30. It vehemently condemned Chinese government's "crackdown on spiritual movement like Zhong Gong". The bill was initiated by John Ona, chairman of the Military Committee of senate, together with Jesse Helms, chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of senate, and was jointly signed by 18 senators.


The No. 22 Resolution is enclosed in full.


Movement 2.


VIP of US political circles asked for release of Zhang Hong Bao


Recently, leader of the Majority (the Republican) in senate of the US Congress Mr. Trent Lott, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Mr. Jesse Helms, and the prestige senator Mr. Bob Smith have respectively written to the newly appointed Judicial Minister Mr. John Ashcroft. They appealed that the Judicial Department should take some proper actions including releasing Zhang Hong Bao from the prison of Guam, approving the original court decision made in June of 2000, and having him transferred to some more secured organization in Washington DC.

Movement 3 

Senator of Guam Santos swear to help Zhang Hong Bao


It was reported in "Pacific News Daily" of Mar. 28 that Senator Santos went to visit the Chinese spiritual leader Zhang Hong Bao in prison of Guam on Mar. 27. At the visitors' reception, Santos said to Zhang: " I would like to provide my support by making sure that the US government will know your appeal of asylum". He promised to write to President Bush on behalf of Zhang. Santos told Zhang: " I will pray for you and your release, I wish you could continue your cause."


Movement 4


Mayor of the City of Manilo in Guam went to visit Zhang Hong Bao in prison


News from "the Alliance of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao in Guam" on April 1st said that Mr. Santos, mayor of the City of Manilo where the prison of Guam is located, went to visit Mr. Zhang Hong Bao who is still waiting for release in the prison the day before. Mr. Santos stepped into the prison, sat beside Mr. Zhang's bed and had a cordial conversation with him. Before his departure, he expressed his wish that once released, Mr. Zhang would give support to the Teenagers Baseball Team that he organized.


Mr. Santos has always been showing solicitude for local Chinese. He has taken the honored chair of the Alliance of Supporting Mr. Zhang Hong Bao in Guam.


Representative of the Alliance of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao in Guam Dr. Wang Bing Zhang also accompanied the visit.


Movement 5


The University of Guam will hold a forum regarding the case of Zhang Hong Bao's asylum.


The University of Guam was known to have a "Forum on the Case of Zhang Hong Bao's asylum" on the coming April 4th. As per some acknowledged source, a lot of people of different background coming either from local or other places are invited to be present and discuss the case of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao asylum as a special subject.


At present, there are loud voices from all walks of Guam asking for release of Zhang Hong Bao. Along with the coming of April 6th on which Federal Court in Guam will open session for Zhang Hong Bao's "Habeas Corpus", the public are paying unprecedented attention to the case of Zhang Hong Bao's political asylum.


Movement 6


Alliance of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao will again organize the masses to express support of Zhang Hong Bao in front of the Federal Court.


According to "Alliance of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao in Guam", following the demonstration of supporting Zhang Hong Bao on Feb.2, they are going to organize another demonstration to express support of Zhang in front of the Federal Court in the coming June when the court opens session for Zhang Hong Bao's "Habeas Corpus". The organizing work is now being smoothly undertaken.


In addition, overseas democratic movement groups, friends from all fields and Zhong Gong organization are heard to have sent representatives from all over the world to Guam recently to support Zhang Hong Bao.


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