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Well-known Lawyer Shapiro Arrive at Guam

Lead the Lawyer Team to Defend for Zhang Hong Bao in Court



Well-known Lawyer Shapiro arrive at Guam on Apr 4

Will lead the lawyer team to defend for Zhang Hong Bao in court


Latest news from Guam says the "Lawyer team for Zhang Hong Bao's asylum" arrived at Guam on Apr 4 under the leading of the famous American lawyer Mr. Robet Shapiro. The team consists of lawyers and Chinese law experts from four cities of Washington, New York, LA and Guam.


Mr. Shapiro has successfully defended for O.J. Simpson. He joined the team of defending lawyers for Mr. Zhang Hong Bao by taking the position of leading lawyer in February of this year. There was once an article published in the Germany newspaper "Frankfurt Guidance" reading that Shapiro was not only among the few most expensive lawyers in this field, but also among the very few lawyers who understand well the relationship between judicature, politics and media. Another article reported that the defense lawyer team with Shapiro as the leading lawyer for the case of OJ Simpson around mid June of 1994 was acclaimed by media as "Fantasy Team". His book "Seeking justice" regarding the case of OJ Simpson was rated into the list of best sellers. After several years, what kind of comments will the society give to today's Mr. Shapiro when he leads the team to defend for Mr. Zhang Hong Bao? Is he going to write another best seller thereafter?


Due to the powerful interfere of CPC's administration on the case of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao's asylum together with the yielding and cooperation of some American individuals, this case has become very knotty. Some people are quite skeptical about whether this case would be won over. However, as per some acknowledged source, Mr. Shapiro is optimistic on this. He and his team members are full of confidence in winning over the case. Although Mr. Shapiro agreed that Zhang Hong Bao's case has become the most significant political case in the United States, he has already got a clear picture of prospects in winning the case, taking into account his mastery of all aspects of the case and his well understanding of his client.


Like put forward by someone, as long as the independent judicial procedures won't change and operate according to law, there is no reason to lose the case of Zhang Hong Bao's asylum.


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