Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Wu Wenkao






The Jiang Zemin regime’s forged evidence on tarnishing Zhang Hongbao, strictly speaking, cannot be assumed as false evidence, but is the pure persecution that was plotted by the Chinese government.


The forged evidence, in terms of law regulations, refers to when the victim accuses of persecutor, he provides the evidence that is not true to the facts. The victim will be obligated to what he provides.


However, the fabricated evidences provided by the Jiang Zemin regime to the US INS to charge Zhang Hongbao against the “rape crime” were the false evidences. They were made up purposely by the so-called “victims”, who were forced by the Judicial Institutions controlled by the government. Thus, the “victims” were not harmed by Zhang Hongbao, but by the government. Both Zhang Hongbao and the so-called “victims” all become the victims persecuted politically by the Jiang Zemin regime.


Among the fabricated evidences provided by the Jiang Zemin regime against Zhang Hongbao, we can discover that the victims who testified by means of false evidences were forced to do it by the government-controlled judicial institutions. for example, almost all victims accused of Zhang Hongbao simultaneously when the Jiang Zemin crushed Zhong Gong and arrested a large number of Zhong Gong key members. As for the charges, some of them were about 10 years apart. The age of some victims was 5 years differ from their identification card. Its purpose was to make the victim’s age up to 65 years old and to charge against Zhang Hongbao for harming the elderly. Some victims were unable to tell whether Zhang Hongbao had dark or light skin. Some victims could not remember the exact time and crime scene. Some victims would visit Zhang abroad with gifts. All these facts show that these so-called evidences were made up under the government’s order via the judicial institutions, by means of threats, lure, or other brutal measures. The Jiang Zemin has always persecuted the dissidents and religious people by charging them against “sexual offence” for the purpose of defaming their reputation, and to avoid the denouncement over the world. Therefore, it is very common for the Chinese Communists to play such a game.


But, after the US judicial institutions exposed the Jiang Zemin regime’s forged evidences and the US government granted Zhang Hongbao political asylum, the speaker of Foreign Affairs of the Jiang Zemin regime still elaborated Zhang Hongbao’s “sexual offence” and accused him on non-political crime. He still insisted the US government extradite Zhang Hongbao to China for prosecution. It seems that the Chinese Communists assume the world could be monopolized by the Jiang Zemin regime. As long as they insist lying, people would believe them. It reminds us of the June 4th Massacre. At that time, the speaker Yuan Mu denied that no students of protest were killed but only the soldiers. How can we believe such a government?


It is the true fact that Zhang Hongbao was persecuted by the Jiang Zemin regime for political views. Those made-up evidences against Zhang Hongbao should not be accounted as false evidences but the evil evidences used by the Jiang Zemin regime to persecute Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong for political purpose.


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