Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Making Some Comments on Zhang Hongbao's Case Too

Qing Xin


Preface: Zhang Hong Bao and his story have already drawn extended attentions from the society. I myself also collected some fragmentary ideas from time to time. Because I have always been busy with secularities, only some of them were occasionally saved into my computer. Knowing that today is the 100th day since Zhang Hong Bao has been granted "Anti-maltreatment Protection", I managed to spare some time joining the forum.

History of CCP's Persecution over People

Chinese Communist Party was built up through class struggle. They have plentiful experience of "ruthless struggle and merciless blows". When they determine the nature of their hostile forces either from abroad or at home, they don't even bother to collect objective facts or base on legal criteria. The only standard of nature determining is the need of their own interests. They do whatever they want to do.


They may propaganda the flourishing and growing capitalist society as "The sun is sinking in the west and at the point of death", and describe the totalitarian autocracy being increasingly inclined to collapse as "a picture of prosperity". They often point to a deer, calling it a horse - deliberately misrepresent in a positive tone without a bit of blushing with shame.


For political dissidents, CCP would also impose on them whatever charges they like without needing any witness or evidence, even without going through any lawful procedures. That is exactly the "democracy and legality having socialist features" of CCP's totalitarianism.


In order to punish the dissidents, leaders of the first generation of CCP were skilled in persecuting them to death with the charges of  "feudalism, capitalism and revisionism". Leaders of the second generation consistently imposed on them the charge of "bourgeois liberalization" to break them down spiritually. And when it comes to the third generation, they have taken a further step. Imposing "economic offense" upon the dissenters inside the Party and "criminal offense" upon those outside the Party, the leader Jiang Ze Min could either break them down by slandering their reputations or eliminate their physical bodies. It could really be regarded as carrying on and developing Marxist class struggle theory.

Resentful Qi Gong Circles

In recent ten odd years, because of the break of the medical insurance system, common people in China mainland show great interest in Qigong, which makes Qi Gong groups irresistibly develop in rapid progress. Taking Zhong Gong as an example, its teaching organizations have increased times and again, the needs of the mass are yet to be met. Such directly proportional development of the mass health demand market and the scale of outstanding life preserving technique enterprise itself is the product of Chinese economic reformation and opening, the rejuvenation of the ancient Chinese traditional culture at new times and the embryonic form of life preserving industry uniquely with Chinese features. What the government should do is to establish law systems accordingly to support and take advantage of the situation. It is completely possible to successfully develop Qi Gong industry by  "discarding the dross and selecting the essential" of traditional Qigong and even "developing the good and restraining the evil". It can not only creat employment for the society but also increase the tax revenue for the country, and what's more important is that it can improve health quality of Chinese nation and the mass morals. It is not practical to totally rely on state finance to carry out health plan over the country as Chinese government put forward "everybody enjoys health protection" by 2000. The history has already proved that Li Peng's slogan has fallen through. To treat diseases and to see doctors have already become the more and more heavy economic burden for broad not well-to-do common people. However, the goal of "training a Qigong sanitarian for each family" put forward by Zhong Gong and other Qigong groups is both practical and possible to realize. And there have already been successful typical examples at Chinese basic level. But to our surprise, such a great move, which benefits the country and the people without any malpractices and has made contributions to present people and later generations without any faults, is intolerable to CCP.

Zhong Gong's Bitter Experiences

Under CPC's chopper of "persisting four principles" which is used by CPC to weigh all, Zhong Gong's leader Zhang Hongbao and Zhong Gong organizations have been put into the other register because Jiang Zemin regards them as "having reactionary political tendency". The reasons are that:


1. Mr. Zhang doesn't follow communism blindly. He is bold in searching the truth and dares to criticize bluntly the theoretical foundation of dictatorial power that is like an untouchable nerve of CCP. Whoever touches it is reactionary.


2. Zhong Gong dares to call the dictatorial institutions harming the society and riding roughshod over the people the "evil force" in mainland. The people are not allowed to criticize the corruption of Communist Party. Anybody who criticizes it is thought reactionary.


3. Zhong Gong dares to "establish, operate and protect its cause according to the laws in force" in mainland. However, some laws are put there only for show and CCP didn't intend to put them into practice. Those who carry them out are reactionary.


But for sure, CCP would never publicly announce the above mentioned charges.


Because the so-called "reactionary" by CCP is opposed to dictatorial autocracy, which shall be interpreted as "progress" to any progressive personage of the world or the democratic countries. Therefore, as per the long time experience, CCP understood that they would be condemned and become more and more disgusting, while Zhong Gong would get more support and become more popular as long as they dare to "sell the nature determination imposed upon Zhong Gong abroad". That's why they have to think it over and over about how to change its package and then to "export". Since Nov. of 1999, CPC has started to elaborately plan some new charges, with which they can cover up the eyes and ears of the others and also put Zhang Hongbao to death. They shockingly impose them upon Zhang Hongbao. In the mean time, they brutally suppress Zhong Gong organizations. 

Zhang Hongbao's Fate

CPC has accelerated making false evidences since it got the information from its cooperator that Mr. Zhang had entered US Guam seeking political asylum. In order to extradite Zhang Hongbao, the fabricators selected the charge of "raping". This idea is so smart that we should rate it to an international standard.


On one hand, CPC is tightlipped about Zhang Hongbao's different political views, on the other hand, it produces false evidences one by one with attempt to frame him as a culprit. Furthermore, CPC knows well that the charge of rape is regarded as felony in the west. Many members of the US political society are Christian who must be full of worries on this felony and fearful to give their hands in this case. Certainly, it does make sense.


Upon receiving a vexatious letter from Zhang Chunxiang of Chinese Embassy passed by INS to the Court, US judge stopped her hand while starting to sign.


The date of US Court's session was postponed again and again by INS according to CPC's demands. Owing to CPC's interference, the decision of whether to grant Mr. Zhang "political asylum" had to be changed. In one word, Mr. Zhang's application for "political asylum" against his being persecuted by CCP failed due to the objection of CCP who has been persecuting him. This story brought to my mind an old saying: "Qin Xianglian brought lawsuit against Chen Shimei, but the plaint was handed over to Chen Shimei."  So Chen Shimei hadn't been accused of deceiving emperor and discarding his original wife, but Qin was almost killed by Chen for her accusation. This ancient story seemed to happen again today.

CPC's "Conviction by Public Opinion"

This time CPC plays tricks of "double guns" in its contest against Zhang Hongbao. For Mr. Zhang's case they sent two special groups staying respectively in Washington and New York to pay close attentions to tendency of the case and to investigate and deploy countermeasure. They glare at Zhang Hongbao like a ravening tiger. In addition to this, they prepare a battle of public opinion and start shooting timely.


At a week before 20th Sep., the date of the court session, when CPC got exact information that judge would make decision at the session disregarding CPC's obstruction, it showed unusual mania throwing through a few media the materials which CPC submitted to the court. This act was called "exceptional slander" by international media. At that time a democratic personage knowing CPC's gimmick well analyzed:" this is a good omen, CPC won't gain any advantage in the court so wishes to win back some losses in public opinions." The thing developed as expected.


But the ploy of CPC is very shrewd. It utilizes monopolizing sources of news and the big difference between a country and a powerless victim "to sentence him by public opinions". Lawless unruliness is the essentiality of the Constitution with Chinese feature. The Constitution endows CPC's dictatorial organs with privilege to do things following its inclinations, but common people have to subject to this kind of privilege. So it is the CPC's law-culture.


The aim of CPC's demand of extradition or dislodging is to perish Mr. Zhang and then to disintegrate Zhong Gong's organization thoroughly. They calumninate Mr. Zhang with the intention to make his name totally stink and then to collapse the mainstay of Zhong Gong members' believe and overthrow Zhong Gong thoroughly in spirit. In the same time, Mr. Zhang's rout of entering politics is blocked.


But things in the world often develop in a way that proves "two negatives make positive". The more CCP exerts its strength on Zhang Hong Bao and overdo, the more it attracts people's interests in Zhang and feel he has a particular potential force scaring CCP. This kind of antagonistic psychology will intensify as Mr. Zhang's story develops.

Lawyer's Analysis

I have no chance to contact the so-called accusing evidences of Mr. Zhang's case, but I feel lucky to have the chance talking the lawyer who is handling this case. He said:


"These so-called 'evidences' were carefully chosen and elaborately manipulated. They were not simply used to kill the prisoner of conscience, but also to deal with the supervision of US court and international media.


"Those evidences were used by US Justice Department as its lawful gist to deny Zhang's proper application. Actually, they could not even be considered as evidences and should totally be ignored by Immigration Court."


"All the evidences were almost fabricated at the same time over four provinces."


"All oral accusations have no circumstantial evidence to verify."


"The victims' identities are unknown."


"They sound like trifling matter."


"The criminal accusations like unearthed cultural relics have experienced a time as long as ten years since the case had been reported."


His conclusion is "CPC's 'evidence of rape' is of zero value for investigation."


"Zero value?!"


[Postscript] According to reliable information, CPC is still making efforts to fabricate evidences. But this time the victims have changed from "the old and weak" to "the young and beautiful", and the stories are not happening in China any more but continuing outside of China. I also heard that Mr. Zhang promised to keep them company to the end.


Should I be free, I would also like to write continuation of this article.


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