Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

---- A documentary on how the outstanding spiritual leader transformed to a political leader

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Ouyang Chun


Recently, I happened to read, from a news media, the “crime evidence” on Zhang Hongbao’s “Training Terror Organization” provided by the Chinese government.

It made me realized that the Jiang Zhemin regime, in order to doom Zhang Hongbao to death, tried its best to make up evidence.


Before Zhang Hongbao was freed from Guam prison on April 17, the Jiang Zhemin regime charged Zhang Hongbao of “sexual crime” by providing the forged evidences, in an attempt to tarnish Zhang Hongbao. They also tried to intervene in the United States government’s granting political asylum to Zhang Hongbao. But, the Jiang Zhemin regime failed. It made Zhang Hongbao known to all in the world and became a shining star on the international stage.


The most recent evidence provided by the Chinese government about Zhang Hongbao’s “Training Terror Organization” aimed at stopping the US government, the Americans as well as those who helped Zhang Hongbao to accept him. The title of the evidence was “Zhang Hongbao orders Dai xx to Work Out Terror Training Plans,” which would make one feel horrible, bloody, and thrilling. Thus, who else would keep contact with Zhang Hongbao?!


However, if you read the plan carefully, you would find out it is not true. The letter was dozens of pages long, which showed the person’s professional level. The personnel, who are trained with such a plan, would be of high skill killers. Because of its professionalism, any person with a common sense would be able to identify that it was the training material for the Chinese Public Security Bureau or State Security to train the State Level Policemen. Of the items, a few were related to Zhong Gong that were added and replaced provisionally. Those who have the interest about this might look for a copy of training material about Chinese Special Police to get a better understanding. As for the Chinese Public Security Bureau and State Security, isn’t it very easy for them to play such a game of perpetrating a fraud?


It is known to all that in the past decade, Zhang Hongbao had registered for running business in accordance with China’s laws and rules. Each year, they would be audited and checked at a scheduled time. After the Chinese government crackdown Qi Gong, the officials of the government alleged that the chase on Zhang Hongbao has nothing to do with Zhong Gong organization. This means that Zhong Gong is not an illegal organization. So, had the Chinese government known that Zhong Gong was a terror organization, they would have suppressed it long time ago.


Moreover, why did the Chinese government not provide the “crime evidence” on Zhang Hongbao’s training terror organization together with the “sexual crime” evidence at the time when Zhang was jailed in Guam? If this “evidence” on training the terror organization were true, why did the Chinese government render first the evidence on “sexual crime” to the US Court, which became a laughing stock in judicial field, and which led to the shatter of its plan on extraditing Zhang Hongbao to China? Obviously, the so-called “crime evidence” of training terror organization was fabricated when the “crime evidence” was shattered completely. It is clear to every one who has a common sense.


The Jiang Zhemin regime, in order to doom Zhang Hongbao to death, could forge “evidence” to charge Zhang of sexual crime. For same reason, it could make up the evidence to accuse him of “training terror organization.” It could fabricate at will even more appalling evidence to charge against Zhang Hongbao. As long as it could make people to fear about and hate Zhang Hongbao, the Jiang Zhemin regime would do its utmost to make up as many as crimes against Zhang Hongbao. Its purpose is to defame Zhang Hongbao’s dignity, reputation and ruin his political life when they failed to eliminate him. It was a similar way to treat the late Chinese Chairman Liu Shaoqi, who was humiliated as “traitor, inner traitor, and enemy” and died of the unjust grievance. Unfortunately, the more the appalling the evidence they make up, the less the people would believe it.


What the Jiang Zhemin regime has tried hard to persecute Zhang Hongbao indicates his importance in the mind of Jiang Zhemin’s autocratic regime. It is said that the upper level of Jiang Zhemin regime considers Zhang Hongbao, a leader of 38 million followers, as a person like Hong Xiuquan and Sun Yehsung, who could be very powerful to conduct millions of thousands followers. Jiang Zhemin is afraid that someday, Zhang Hongbao would lead his followers to overthrow his autocratic power. Therefore, Jiang Zhemin tried every means to extradite him to China so as to kill him. No wonder the Chinese Communist’s persecution on Zhang Hongbao comes one after another, and becomes more and more severe. But, in reality, can Jiang Zhemin regime knock down Zhang Hongbao by means of forged appalling evidence to pull the wool over people’s eyes all over the world?


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