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The Tomfoolery Only Jiang's Regime Is Capable Of

By Xiang Han


From New York Times Message Board



On April 6, when U.S. Federal Court in Guam began its hearing on Zhang Hongbao's application for physical protection, the Chinese government mobilized their followers to take advantage of the overseas websites to start another round of defamatory campaign against Zhang, focusing their attacks on the topic of Zhang's "sex crimes." The materials they used in this campaign, however, have turned to be the same fabricated documents that were already invalidated by various authorities. The only new content consists of fictional details these people copied from pornographic stories. They broke the fabricated evidential materials into a dozen fragments, gave each fragment a separate title, and put them in different combinations or formations in many web forums. By recycling the lies and fabrications that have been invalidated in an attempt to intensify its campaign to frame and attack Mr. Zhang, the Chinese totalitarian regime has demonstrated its own shamelessness and brutality and, at the same time, exposed its desperation and weakness. The most pitiful, indeed, are those CCP followers on the web who, either under coercion or for financial benefits, have chosen to spread lies for the regime and thereby degrade themselves and compromise their moral integrity. Fortunately, they had the precaution to use pseudonyms so that their family members and friends can be spared the disgrace and shame.


The first batch of evidential materials fabricated by the Chinese communist regime to support their allegations about Zhang's "sex crimes" was publicized in around August or September of last year. In order to highlight their portrayal of Zhang as a cruel man, they produced several "victims" as witnesses who are old, weak, sick, or handicapped. To emphasize the "oldness" of one of those "victims," they had her birth date changed by as much as 4 years early. Similarly, other details they provided could not withstand judicial scrutiny and were ruled out as either "incredible" or "of no investigational value" respectively by the judiciary authorities of U.S. Congress and State Department and the lawyers.


The second batch of fabricated materials that are intended to back up the allegations about Zhang's "sex crimes" was publicized in January of this year. This time, in order to substantiate the rumors about Zhang's criminal offences committed in the Southeast Asian countries that he stayed during exile, CCP came up with three so-called "victims," with the crime sites located evenly in three countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. The batch of fabricated materials appears to be even more preposterous, for some witnesses are unable to remember the specific time of the alleged crime. This time, of course, CCP did not have the audacity to submit these fabricated materials to the court; instead, they chose to disseminate the forged information through the web in a unilateral attempt to get Zhang "convicted" by public opinion.


Indeed, it is not difficult for people to perceive the fact that, the harder the Chinese government works to propagandize these tenuous, insubstantial, flimsy "evidences," the more completely its dirty tricks of framing political dissidents with fabricated "sex crimes" will be exposed. If the regime still retains its rationality, it should have the prudence not to play these tricks time after time. But it seems that in their desperate attempt to frame Zhang Hongbao, the CCP people have found it hard to be rational any more. In their typical obduracy associated with an entrenched mentality of moral abandonment, they have chosen to continue their tomfoolery with more intensity and more brazenness. Paradoxically, by adopting this tactic, Jiang's regime has worked to highlight its own depravity and enhance the notability of Mr. Zhang Hongbao. From this perspective, the CCP followers in the web have done something that serves to benefit Mr. Zhang. And who knows if they are doing their job with that intention in their mind?


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