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Why does Jiang Ze Min Want to put Zhang Hong Bao to Death?

Jin Jian



On Apr. 18 of 2000, Money Times” of England published a report sent by James Jinch from Beijing. In the report were listed some so-called evidences provided by Chinese diplomats supporting CPC’s accusation on Zhong Gong leader Zhang Hong Bao. At the end of the report, James Jinch stated his humorous comments that those (Chinese) diplomats had provided the US lawyers good reasons to oppose extradition of Zhang as they said Zhang would be executed if extradited back to China. 


As a reporter, James Jinch has not explained in his report whether those evidences provided by Chinese officials were true or false, but he did report that Chinese officials had already decided Zhang Hong Bao’s death sentence in advance, which is quite loyal to the truth. From here it is clearly seen Jiang’s administration has early internally determined Zhang Hong Bao’s death conviction and then collected crimes evidence or fabricated evidences for the conviction. Zhang Hong Bao is doomed to death once extradited.


Why should Jiang Ze Min spare no pains in trying to put Zhang Hong Bao --- leader of a spiritual organization to death?


People who know Chinese historical politics well must have noticed a regular pattern that the real reason for change of state power in the Chinese history has always been the rising of some super capable people, instead of just because the people were in an abyss of suffering or deep corruption was prevailing in the administration. Such super capable people were born with charismatic characters, unique charm and strong force to attract people. No matter men or women, the old or the young are all willing to be around of them, subject to their order, or even sacrifice for their ideas. Once such person shows himself in some certain political environment in which the masses are living in dire poverty and complaints are heard everywhere, it is mostly likely for the state power to be replaced. If the ruler in power can’t compete with such super capable person in any aspect such as capability, moral integrity or prestige, they would definitely become serious hidden trouble to the ruler. In the Feudal society the unanimous secret was to get rid of them. It is even better to kill them in the sprouting stage so that the ruling could stay in stability.  


According to historical records, Emperor Qin had his advisers observe the astronomical phenomena. Once they found some gloriously radiant air mass with strong energy in the sky (which stood for a super capable person on the earth), he would dispatch killer to find out the person and get rid of him. All successive dynasties usually paid close attention to this issue. However, due to the last fatuous emperors of each dynasty lacking of morality, they were inevitable to be replaced by those super capable people. Recalling the history of China, it can clearly be seen.        


Jiang Ze Min, being dictating and autocratic core of the third generation of CPC, goes against the historical trend, trying to become an emperor of modern China, which is exactly like the rulers in Feudal society. Particularly because he has not made any contribution in army or politics, and his only “achievement” helping him to come into power was having the “World Economy Guidance” shut down and having the aid of Deng Xiaoping’s son as well as the special opportunity of “June.4th Massacre”, he would be even more afraid of any person who is more capable, more charming and more talented than he is. So, once he occupied the first position, he would put stability of his position as the first priority instead of improving political system.


Jiang Ze Min set up the Department of State Security to find out such super capable people. Thus they found out Zhang Hong Bao.


Zhang Hong Bao is a leader good at scheming and conducting and with special personal charms and amazing force of attracting people. Anyone who has ever met him would recognize that he is so steady and calm, modest and amiable and has an invisible attractive force. He is synthesized with knowledge in all fields including politics, economy, law, military, and management, etc., both historical and contemporary, domestic and international. He has also deeply studied Chinese traditional culture. In 1987 during the early stage of Zhong Gong’s establishment, he has ingeniously laid a foundation for its further development with the aid of Central Communist Party Institute, University Town of Beijing, Science society, academic society, law society, and high level national media including “People’s Daily”, and Central People’s Radio Station. When noticed by the CPC authority, the “whirlwind of Zhong Gong” starting from the Capital has swept across every province of China. When it came to Nov. of 1990, Zhang Hong Bao made his political theory and Kylin culture system public. Right after that, to deal with persecution that Jiang Ze Min put on political dissidents, he quick-wittedly announced to retire, and switched to conduct Zhong Gong organization remotely behind the scenes. Up to then, his followers have been over 38 millions.


Once a time, Zhong Gong has been rated as an important researching project of the national 7th 5-year plan. In an official researching report of 1993, it was concluded “ seen from the view of western religion, Zhang Hong Bao exactly has the talent to be the founder of a religion. He could attract so many high-end listeners by glossing over those out-of-date religious doctrines with some paradox modern vocabularies, which is not easy to achieve for ordinary missionary or clergy.” This definitely provoked panics of Jiang Ze Min. He ordered to cut off links, limit development, narrow influence, and reduce harm of Zhong Gong.  


However, Zhang Hong Bao has successfully established Kylin Group by following the current legal procedures. Kylin Group has more than 3000 Zhong Gong enterprises spreading around more than 370 cities, 2000 counties of the 31 provinces in China. No place of China was not a part of the marketing network of Zhong Gong. He broke through Jiang Ze Min’s restriction and accomplished the 8 years’ initiative and 3 years’ adjustment of Zhong Gong. In August 1999, when Jiang Ze Min launched an all-sided suppression movement against Falun Gong and Zhong Gong, Zhang Hong Bao initiated the “99.8” nationwide campaign that shocked Jiang Ze Min’s administration with the aid of Zhong Gong’s network. 


In his Zhong Gong organization, he put to use a best link between two people in Chinese traditional culture ----- “Teacher and student relationship”. All Zhong Gong members will have a permanent relationship with Zhang Hong Bao as his students once they chose to practise Zhong Gong. When Zhong Gong organization was operating legally as a modern enterprise, it was managed with its corporation culture and modern business management system, which set up links of Chairman and staff between Zhang Hong Bao and all employees. Besides, there was still teacher-and-student relationship between them, which was regarded as internal relationship of a family in traditional Chinese culture. In the event that Zhong Gong organization were shut down under CPC’s persecution, its organization system would not exist any longer, but teacher-and-student relationship would not disappear, wherefore instruction of operation could still keep going on. That is why he felt confident to change strategy and leave for United States seeking humane support after he successfully conducted the 99.8 national campaign which shocked Jiang Ze Min’s administration. Because he knew that he had sowed millions of “seeds” on the land of China and nothing would be lost with his leaving.


Common people may not know this point, but Jiang Ze Min knows it well. So he would make every effort to put Zhang Hong Bao to death, even Zhang has escaped to the United States. Firstly they framed him up with “sexual offense” to prevent the US government from granting him political asylum. After Zhang Hong Bao was released by the US government, they framed up other crimes like “crime of murder”, “crime of training terrorist organization”, and so on. Accusations on Zhang Hong Bao by CPC are becoming more and more serious with more and more crimes. Their dire hatred of Zhang Hong Bao could be easily seen from the fact that they are continuously reinforcing the persecution and upgrading their tricks, all targeting the death of him.


When we can’t directly evaluate a person’s importance, level, or his achievements, there should be no harm in doing that by observing his suffer and pressure. Viewing that Jiang Ze Min’s administration has employed so many cruel means in such a large scale and with such powerful forces to deal with a single Zhang Hong Bao, anyone could tell that Zhang Hong Bao is exactly that kind of super capable person who can make the replacement of Jiang’s regime happen. This is also the true reason that Jiang Ze Min wants his death.


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