Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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A Letter To My Disciples

Zhang Hongbao


Dear Disciples,

How are you all?

Yesterday, the International General Association of Zhong-Gong passed your emails to me over the phone. Reading those heart-touching letters, I seem to have heard your heart-felt wishes for my well-being and felt your sincere hearts. You may imagine how I am feeling at the moment.

Only in adversity can one have the deepest appreciation of true feelings.

Thank you all. Thank you very much.

Currently, Zhong-Gong has suffered a major setback in regards to its Master and its doctrinal system. This is inevitable in the course of its development.

In a mere ten years, we have brought benefits to nearly 40 million people. It is not surprising to me that the Chinese government can not tolerate such a charitable activity and its leaders.

History often repeats itself. In the early days of Christianity, its founder suffered political persecution. At the early stage of Buddhism, Sakyamuni had nine crises, including Brahman daughter’s attempt to calumniate his fame. Pengzu, one of the Qigong pioneers in China also suffered political persecution and had to go into exile in the Western Regions.

As far as the crisis to our doctrinal system is concerned, it has happened to every religious sect or faction during its development, almost without exception.

Some well-known examples are the setback of Buddhism in its original country and that of Secret Sect in Tibet. However, no matter what crises happened, either to their masters or doctrinal systems, these religions all acieved positive development eventually.

The current political persecution, imposed on me by the CPC in an attempt to defame me, gives me an excellent opportunity “to test my doctrinal accomplishment by swallowing insults”. Thanks to the Jiang Zemin for this opportunity. At some future time, when I achieve my highest level of doctrinal accomplishment, I will still remember the Jiang Zemin for this opportunity of self-cultivation.

When in prison, the difference between ordinary people and those who cultivate themselves according to a religious doctrine, lies in the fact that the latter will turn a fiery pit of into a lotus pond of heavenly happiness. Through these trials we will be able to attain bodhi, the supreme wisdom and enlightenment. (There is no shortcut to enlightenment.)

I urge my disciples to make fine progress during this doctrinal crisis and pay special attention to the following three links in the course of progressing towards the highest doctrinal level- “Eliminating three defects in humanity; Observing five religious disciplines; and Conducting six virtuous tasks”. One cannot accomplish his/her doctrine without going through these three links.

“Three defects in humanity” are greed, anger and lack of common sense. “Greed” refers to insatiableness. “Anger” refers to blaming and abusing others. “Lack of common sense” means being unreasonable. These three defects in humanity are the root of various ideological defects, mistakes or even criminal acts.

“Five religious disciplines” refer to those of no violence, stealing, evil, abuse and drinking. These are the basic requirements, without which no one can accomplish his/her doctrine.

“Six virtuous tasks” are alms giving, observing disciplines, swallowing insults, making fine progress, meditating, and gaining wisdom. Conducting these six virtuous tasks is the initial approach to accomplish his/her doctrine.

From now on, on the first day and the fifteenth day of each month in lunar calendar, when the bright moon hangs on the night sky, I will practice together with you just like before. The forms of cultivation can be flexible and up to individuals. Please pass on this message to all my disciples.

I believe that the grand common-cultivation by 40 million people will certainly bring auspiciousness and peace to this world and will certainly further purify people’s minds. I also believe that the grand prayer by 40 million people will certainly make all good people in the world safe and sound.

Talk to you later.

Kind regards

Zhong-Gong Master: Zhang Hongbao
Written in the jail in Guam, USA
27 September, 2000


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