Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

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Zhang Hongbao's Hunger Strike Protest (No. 1)


High noon of Dec. 14th, 2000 at Guam Island


On Dec. 10th the World Human Rights Day, in order to urge Clinton's Government to release me earlier the International Zhong Gong General Association sent an open letter to Mr. Clinton and appealed to UN Human Rights Commission for showing solicitude to improve the inhuman state of the Guam prison.


But since last night, I have received three notices of coercive blood test. I refused. Since I was put in prison I have blood-tested several times. After blood test on July 27th an extraordinary change comes up in my body. In past, I was always healthy, but now my blood pressure decreases, my physical power becomes weak gradually and I often suffer from illnesses. So I don't like to have blood-tested. Due to this the prison police expresses many times that they will transfer me to jail in 6th building grave criminal region. I consider this action of the prison police isn't occasional. It is an unhealthy reaction to my organization's appeal on World Human Rights Day. I express great regret over the matter and begin to take a hunger strike to protest since today.


Ten months and more has already passed since I landed at American Guam. In this period, some personnel treated me with inhuman conducts, such as: sending false reporters to interview me; making criminal detective psychological tests with photos of dead bodies, clothing and other articles; trussing my upper body with iron chains; producing wounds on my face with violence; and so on. In China I was subjected to political persecution. Why do some persons of U.S. Judiciary treat me as grave criminal like CPC does? Looking at the whole procedure of application for political asylum I am full of doubts. Particularly, about 90 days after court decision, Immigration Bureau still detains me taking a reason of "protection". In detaining period, many inhuman events occur as well.


Therefore, I have no choice but to present following demands to Clinton’s Government:


1. To improve present state of inhumanely treading human rights in Guam prison as soon as possible.


2. To carry out Court decision and return freedom back to me.


Zhang Hongbao


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