Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhang Hongbao’s Hunger Strike Protest (No. 3)

Dec. 22, 2000

Today is already the ninth day since I started hunger strike on Dec. 14th. In this period, I only drank some plain water and had no any food every day. On the seventh day the prison authority carried me to the largest hospital in Guam to make an entire physical examination for me, the results of various tests are all normal. Now in order to monitor and nurse my health conditions, the prison has moved me into the hospital, the warden called me on several times to arrange concrete matters, the guards also treat me friendly and they give me more convenience in making phone calls.

The result of today’s physical examination is: blood pressure: 120/85; weight: 66.5kg; body temperature and blood constituent are all normal. However, because I had suffered enterogastritis before hunger strike which is not recovered completely yet, so my physical strength is weaker than before, but my spirit is better.

Since I began a hunger strike, I and supporting force has made great efforts, the conditions of circumstance of whole Chinese in the prison have been improved obviously. My lawyer handed over an application for issuing a document of personal protection order to the Guam Federal Court. The Court accepted and decided to hold hearings before 19th Jan.

In view of that the first demand of my hunger strike protest has reached the expected aim and the second demand has gotten into judicial procedure, I had repeatedly , carefully considered and then decided to follow Zhong Gong's principle of dealing with the world "take a mean course" and to accept multiple repeated advices of friends and implorations of disciples. I will stop this hunger strike temporarily in recent days and get into preparation of gradually resuming having meal. But I will adopt next action possibly at any time according to the development of the situation.

My hunger strike protest has got earnest concern and timely effective support of American congressmen who are concerned with human rights, Chinese overseas democratic movement groups, human rights groups, international media, many Chinese and foreign friends internal and external the prison and full of sense of justice. My disciples in China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, America, etc. wrote me one after another, sent somebody or delegation to call me on, such a kind of true feelings of man’s world made me feel extremely gratified. Taking this opportunity specially, I express my deep thanks again to all those who are concerned about me! On the Christmas Eve, allow me to wish you and your families A Happy New Year and Well-Being sincerely and remotely in Guam Prison Hospital!

Zhang Hongbao

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