Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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An Appreciation Letter from Zhang Hongbao to the friends of

Overseas Chinese Pro-Democracy Movement

Dear friends of overseas Chinese Pro-Democracy Movement:

I was deeply moved when International Zhong Gong Headquarter passed Your recent greetings and supporting message to me. In the past I heard various rumors that there were fractional disputes among some members of Chinese Democracy Movement. I have been thinking about that. Today the fact shows me that you are cooperating so closely to fight for my earlier release.

The fact has made me feel much relieved. I believe I have seen the hope and the mainstream of the overseas Chinese pro-Democracy Movement.

There are these words in the prayer of "Saint Frances" "Thou shalt plant the hope In the place of hopelessness, plant reconciliation in the place of conflicts, to plant trust in the place of distrust". Jesus Christ also taught us in prayer for the Society: "Thou shalt respect each other and treat each other with kindness." I would like to pray with you all with these words as gift of inspiration for us all.

The first demand out of my hunger strike is to request the prison authority to improve the inhumane conditions of the prison where I am being jailed.

This demand is raised not only for myself but for all other Chinese illegal immigrants detained here. I am seeking to the entire world for justice and fairness to all Chinese. The prison authority has made some basic improvements in expeditious manner proving the advantage of a democracy which more often bends to the will of people. Regarding the wrongful behavior of those wards, I have no intention to pursue them with individual liability because they did not know what they were doing.

The ultimate goal of my hunger strike is to demand my release and freedom pursuant to the decision by the U.S. immigration court in Hawaii. I hope my ordeal should be resolved before the end of Clinton administration.

Doing so can it be proven to the entire world that that the founding principles of the United States and her highly esteemed judicial independence are consistent and unshakable and, the United States will never trade its founding principles with dictators. This is also the highest temple where hopes of all dissidents around the World who are living under the persecution and repression in a totalitarian regime.

Today is the last day of "Human rights Week" in United States and it's also the third day of my hunger strike in the prison of Guam. I would like to use this letter to express my gratitude to all the friends in the world who are concerned about my fate. I hereby pray for the peace in the world and the happiness of every human being!

Zhang Hongbao

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