Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zheng Da: Imprisoned Zhang Hongbao Rescued the Free Man

At the end of 2000, the critical time of Mr. Zhang’s political asylum application, a certain force was trying to deport Mr. Zhang to a third country so CCP could ask for extraditing Mr. Zhang. When he heard about Mr. X’s situation, the imprisoned Mr. Zhang was in the preparation of another court defense, and he was only allowed to talk on the public phone for 10 minutes after standing in a line for two hours, to direct the work of Zhonggong.

Mr. X is the chairman of a political dissident organization that has been persecuted by the CCP government. At that time, after being released from the prison, he was forced into exile in Thailand, penniless. After getting the phone report from Ms. Yan Qing Xin who was recently released from prison, Mr. Zhang pushed his own endangered situation to the back of his mind, and decided to assist Mr. X. He directed Ms. Yan to carry out his plan, and listened to the phone reports regularly, instructed with details, including how to assist Mr. X and his family that just escaped China with their food and lodging.

Mr. X was deeply moved by the help from Mr. Zhang. After all, Mr. Zhang was suffering in the prison himself, and his Zhonggong was suffering, too. Yet, Mr. Zhang reached out to a stranded dissident with true generosity. Later, Mr. X wrote a heart-felt grateful letter to Mr. Zhang.

During the November of 2000, the imprisoned Mr. Zhang who was facing an extradition and might be sent back to China to be executed, helped another dissident, Mr. Y, who was the chairman of another democratic dissident organization.

Three years ago, Mr. Y returned to China from USA and was arrested by CCP government immediately and thrown into prison since then. While Mr. Zhang was in prison, he learned that Mr. Y’s child was very sick, but his family and his organization couldn’t afford to treat the child. Mr. Zhang immediately instructed Ms.Yan to send enough money to Mr. Y’s family and saved the child’s life. Mr. Y’s comrade who passed the money on to Mr. Y’s family was speechless when he got the money.

In the beginning of his career, Mr. Zhang gave up his promising future in the CCP government, to found Qilin culture to help the world. When he was forced to exile in other countries, Mr. Zhang was never discouraged, still kept on managing Qilin Group. When he was imprisoned, he thought more than his personal disaster, and arranged the assistance and rescue to other people. How many people, in the past and today, in China and in the whole world, can have such a great mind?


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