Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zheng Da: Imprisoned Zhang Hongbao Helping People in the Prison

Mr. Wang Jin Sheng was one of the inmate roommates when Mr. Zhang was transferred to a new cell. At first, this big-built man was very sad, silent, sometimes wept alone. After Mr. Zhang gained his trust, Mr. Wang told him about his desperate situation: he had been imprisoned well over two years, never heard from his application for political asylum---he was virtually a forgotten man in the prison. And now, one of his children got hepatitis, another just had a leg fracture and the oldest child had to quit school since his wife couldn’t afford the school and he couldn’t help in any way! Mr. Wang lost his speech in tears, “Oh heaven!”

Mr. Zhang, who has never shed tears in his life, got wet-eyed after listening to Mr. Wang’s story. He didn’t say much, just asked for Mr. Wang’s home address and immediately called his men, instructing them to send enough money for Mr. Wang’s family. Then he himself helped Mr. Wang to redo his application for asylum. Within one week, Mr. Wang got a letter from the immigration court, asking him to show up at the court a few days later. At the same time, Mr. Zhang hired a lawyer for Mr. Wang. Finally, after the court appeal, Mr. Wang’s asylum application was approved.

The day when Mr. Wang was released from the prison, he knelt down in front of Mr. Zhang in public, kowtowed again and again, saying repeatedly that “Thanks to Master Zhang! I hope I can repay your great grace some day!” Not long ago, he was in desperate tears; this day, he was in tears again, but the tears were grateful, happy tears! The tears were from the same eyes, but were laden with two very different feelings.

Here we can see: Mr. Zhang rescued a fellow sufferer’s family thousands of miles away, while he himself was suffering greatly; then with his wisdom, he helped this friend to regain his freedom, while he was still confined in the prison. This is our extraordinary Master Zhang!

Yet, this is just one of the many cases in which Mr. Zhang helped his fellow sufferers. At the time when Mr. Wang kowtowed, the other inmates in the same cell were also tearful, because they felt they were blessed, too. Mr. Zhang successfully treated more than twenty inmates who had all sorts of ailments. Mr. Zhang not only cured their ailments, but also taught them to be good people, at the same time, taught them Zhonggong practice to enhance their health. That’s why they were so moved. In fact, not only those inmates were moved, everyone who has ever heard of this story was deeply moved, too.


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