Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhang Hongbao Repaid Evil with Good
--------Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s Admirable Manners in the Eyes of a Prison Guard (“A Prison Guard’s Hard Lot”)
Zhang Xiao


People who are in track of “The Biggest Political Case at Present in US” from 2000 to 2001 may still remember clearly that, Zhonggong leader Mr. Zhang Hongbao went to US Guam to seek for moral support and political asylum, only ended up enduring the unbearable ordeal in Guam prison for 444 days. During that period, Mr. Zhang suffered not only the insults and condemnation from CCP, but also the mental and physical torture in jail.

On 7/28 in 2000 after Zhang’s application was granted by the judge then taken back due to CCP’s savage blocking, and brought back to jail, one prison guard said to Mr. Zhang vehemently, “You may be in charge of millions in China, but here I’m in charge of you. I order you to stand in the sun; you have to stand in the sun; now I want you to pick up trash you have to pick up trash.” When Mr. Zhang asked to see the director of the jail to protest this kind of mean treatment, he was refused. That guard found an excuse to put him in single cell for as long as half a month. When Mr. Zhang’s lawyer asked for an explanation, the guard blamed Mr. Zhang, saying Mr. Zhang “disobeyed the management, violated prison rules.”

It is this prison guard, who treated Mr. Zhang so badly when he was in a difficult situation, who ended up divorcing and whose wife brought the children far away from him and gave him a fill of human cruelty and mercilessness. He became very depressed. Mr. Zhang Hongbao didn’t gloat over his misfortune at all after learning about his experience. On the other hand, he repaid evil with good----he comforted him greatly and advised him, even planned to offer funding for him to go on a guided tour overseas, just to help him relieve psychological pressure, and to encourage him to face the difficulties in life and to uplift his spirit.

Mr. Zhang Hongbao was always thinking about how to help others while he was in the ordeal. He is not only able to conquer all the difficulties in life using his almighty wisdom but also good at using the infinite compassion to help all the people who need his help. In life, to fight even harder after failure is the necessary feature of a successful man. Mr. Zhang Hongbao accomplished “Jade Lotus in Fire Pitch” in the 444-days prison life, and so wrote down a perfect answer for the test of “accumulating credits for his karma through ordeals”, which at the same time became the role model for the Zhonggong students who are still in CCP jail.

In Mr. Zhang Hongbao’s eyes, whether ““accumulating credits for his karma through ordeals” or “accumulating credits for his karma through successes” are the wonderful opportunities for perfecting himself. If we can face all the difficulties with the heart of “repaying evil with good”, then all the people in this world are nice people and nothing in the world is bad. Whenever some misfortune occurs, he is only inspired to work harder, just like what ancient Chinese taught: “Frequent suffering pushes a country to prosperity.”

Mr. Zhang Hongbao teaches the students again and again on bearing gratitude, like what the saying goes “When one is given a drop of water when he is suffering from a drought, he will dig a deep well to return the favor.” And he is a good example of this preaching: anyone who has helped him, he will remember the person forever and always tries to look for opportunities to return the favor, including people who helped him when he was in jail. This is the typical Mr. Zhang’s good manners. From such a trivial matter we can see what a noble person he is

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