Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Qing Zhu: The Love From Within a Prison

I’ve heard many stories about how Master Zhang helped people while he was imprisoned. Yet, what happened to my father was what I personally experienced: he spent many of his precious 10 minutes phone call time to diagnose, prescribe and treat my father who was thousands of miles away, all the while he was facing a possible extradition and cruel execution by CCP government.

Cancer, is not an unfamiliar term in modern society. Zhonggong has been very successful in treating many cancer patients. I had treated many cancer patients myself. But, when I heard that my own father was diagnosed as a cancer patient, I still was overwhelmed. Especially, it turned out my uncle had just passed away due to a cancer. This sad news further panicked my whole family. We dared not to tell my father about my uncle while my father was very concerned about my uncle’s health. He sensed something was not quite right about my uncle, and his conditions became worse. The doctors’ diagnosis was “malignant urinary bladder cancer”, which was a little smaller than an egg. The suggested treatment was to have a surgery to cut it off. My father who had been practicing Zhonggong for a short period time preferred to adopt Zhonggong treatment; my family was torn between the fear of having surgery was only a temporary solution, it may transfer to some other areas, therefore was attracted to the idea of zhonggong treatment and the fear of my uncle’s case who was lost because he delayed treatment. At this difficult time, Master Zhang learned about my father’s case. He called me, said decisively, “ I have a feeling that your father doesn’t have to take an operation. I can help him. Please try my way.” He recommended many zhonggong treatments and prescribed some herbs. One day, he called me, full of zest, saying a good treatment occurred to him. Then he described in detail how to carry out the treating. My voice was choked, tears gushed out with gratitude. All I could manage was, “Thank you, Master.”

It was very difficult to make a phone call for Master Zhang in the prison. Every 10 minutes call was the result of one to two hours of lining up under the scorching, tropical sun. Guam is tropical oceanic climate. A perfectly blue, clear sky could suddenly turn into a stormy shower. Master Zhang, in his perfectionist way, often had to go back to the end of the line to continue the phone conversation after the 10 minutes was over. In this way, he was often either baked under the sun or was totally drenched. It was in those precious 10 minutes, Master Zhang asked me about my father’s symptoms, recommending treatments and did remote Zhonggong treatments for my father. His peaceful, concerned voice was often blended by all sorts of noises in the background―people’s screaming, crying, the guards’ yelling, etc. All these imprinted on my mind, with a permanent, mixed feeling of gratitude, worry, anxiety…which was beyond my ability to describe. Master Zhang, with an imminent great danger over his head at the time, in a terrible prison, pushed back his own situation, faced life with a giant’s smile, spent so much precious time to help treat an ordinary follower’s life. It was beyond my words.

Thanks to Master Zhang’s remote treatment, my father gained great confidence and decided to give up the surgery. He practiced the Zhonggong treatment exactly according to Master’s prescription and a miracle occurred. His icy-cold body gradually became warm; the blood in the urine gradually disappeared; the swollen lump which felt at touch simply disappeared! When my father experienced a red rush all over the body which was extremely itchy, Master Zhang, who had been keeping track of his symptoms and practicing remote treatment all the time, immediately told me nothing to worry, instead, it was a good sign, meaning the body now has the ability to get rid of the toxic substances. At the same time, Master Zhang also adopted some new methods to treat my father and relieving his symptoms. With Master Zhang’s personal remote treatment, miracle really occurred. My father called me, not able to inhibit his excitement, telling me: “I’m fully recovered. Whenever the idea of practicing Zhonggong came into my mind, my body will turn hot. My grayish hair has turned black again, my complexion looks very healthy, not pale at all. I feel as if I am 20 years younger. Oh, thanks to Master Zhang, he revived me. I am a living example of the great Zhonggong, I will fight for Qilin culture from now on.” My father said exactly what is on my mind. I immediately reported all the good news to Master Zhang.

Master Zhang officially established Qilin culture on November 3, 1990. Qilin, suggests a system which includes the essence of every school of thoughts, all the spirited Chi of every plant, every animal, every object in the universe. Qilin culture includes the Zhonggong practicing techniques and specialty medicine, which saved a lot of lives. My father, was just one of the lucky ones. What makes my father’s case special is, it happened when Master Zhang was imprisoned thousands of miles away. This shows how great Qilin culture is, and what a noble character Master Zhang is, what great idealism Master Zhang has. I firmly believe, Qilin culture will be accepted worldwide, will bring happiness to the world. The freed Master Zhang will continue to contribute to the world, will give more love to the world!

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