Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Niu Xiwen: The Master Cares For Me Even in Danger and Difficulties Himself

I am an elderly man of 70. I used to believe nothing in this world could ever move me again. Especially in this modern world, the relationships between people simply rely only on money, and the friendship between people is even thinner than a piece of paper. However, after I had the chance to learn Zhong-Gong and met Mr. Zhong Hongbao, I was deeply moved by such a sincere friendship between the Master and his disciples.

I used to work in a state department of hi-tech research. After years and years of hard work, I suffered from several chronic diseases. I didn’t feel well and had to stay in the hospital very often. Medications and injections could only give me some temporary relief. At that time, I was living in hell and I was counting my days. I was later told about Zhong-Gong and started to practice it. Since then, the condition of my chronic diseases has improved. This was the first time I was moved by Zhong-Gong. I was amazed at such a miracle! Who could possibly create the Zhong-Gong? In order to know more about Zhong-Gong, and also to be able to see the Master Zhang Hongbao, I tried very hard to work in the Zhong-Gong organization.

The second time I was moved was when the Master Zhang treated me in person for my diseases. For a time, I was unable to keep on practicing Zhong-Gong because of tiredness and other circumstances. As the result, I had an attack of my old disease, cervical vertebra syndrome. I felt so dizzy that I could not get up from bed. I found it even hard to open my eyes or turn my head. Medication and injections didn’t work. Luckily, the Master Zhang Hongbao came to our base just before I was about to be hospitalized. I still can’t tell today whether it was just a coincidence or my happy lot. As soon as he heard about my conditions when he arrived at the base, he rushed to my bedside without taking a rest. He comforted me while personally treating me for my disease. In a short while, I regained my consciousness and could open my eyes. In another short while, my cervical vertebra pain ceased. I was able to get up and take a walk shortly after that. Had I not experienced it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I experienced it. I was convinced. I was deeply moved by the great kindness the Master showed to me. I can only work at my best to repay him for his kindness.

However, the political situation in China took a unexpected, sharp turn for the worse. The Zhong-Gong organization and the Master have suffered from persecution by the Chinese Authorities. My work and daily life were in disorder. I could not find time to practice Zhong-Gong and was unable to get adequate rest. I started to feel dizzy again, and it became worse and worse day by day. I was really worried for myself. Just at that time, the Master Zhang Hongbao had fled to America to escape from Chinese government’s persecution and was seeking political asylum. He was then detained in Guam, America, waiting for court hearings on his asylum application. When he heard about my condition, he specifically asked someone to pass on a message to me, telling me which parts of Zhong-Gong I should practice and how to practice them in order to cure my disease. The Master’s kindness and his concern for me were so touching. How could I not take his instructions seriously? I kept on working while practicing Zhong-Gong, strictly following his instructions. I hoped I could improve my skills quickly, so that the Master, who was still in jail, would not have to worry too much about me. It was totally unexpected that I then had a phone call from the Master. He was specifically ringing me from the jail in Guam. He told me he was worried if his message had been passed on clearly to me. He was also concerned that I didn’t understand his instructions and that I ignored practicing while concentrating on work. He explained to me in details the principles and methods for practicing Zhong-Gong. He repeatedly urged me to take care of myself, especially in such circumstances. He also asked me if I had any problems or difficulties, etc. Hearing his voice over the phone, my heart was beating fast. I was so excited and moved that I was almost speechless. I knew how hard it was for the Master to make a phone call from the jail in Guam. To give me this call, he must have queued up with other prisoners and waited several hours under the burning sun for his turn. And he waited in the queue for me. He was deep in danger himself and his life was under threat all the time. But just for the well being of me, who was 70 years old and was only one of his ordinary disciples, he simply gave no thought to the danger and threat that he was facing! What a character he has! What a great Master he is! What a great kindness he showed me. It is beyond any measurement in the world. It is simply beyond my abilities to precisely appraise my well-respected Master and to express my gratitude to him.

May I ask, where in the world can we possibly find another person as great as him? Will it be tolerable by the course of nature if such a respected Master is persecuted? Are those people who persecute the Master by damaging his good reputation in such disgraceful ways, still human beings?

As an old man of 70, I swear that no one can ever possibly remove the Master from our hearts!


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