Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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[French News Agency] The Most Important Chinese Spiritual Leader Zhang Hongbao Waiting for the Grant of Asylum in Guam


The founder of one of the biggest spiritual movements in China, Zhang Hongbao, is waiting for his destiny on Tuesday in Guam. If US denies his application, he will face capital punishment.

Zhang became famous since China insulted him by accusing him as a criminal and requested for extraditing him. His application for asylum was delayed multiple times.

Zhang’s men hope Zhang will be treated like the leader of Fa Lun Gong, Li Hongzhi, so he will be allowed to transfer to US continent. Fa Lun Gong and Zhonggong are similar in the sense that both use traditional meditation techniques and emphasize the ethics.

Analysts say, since 1989 CCP suppressed the democratic movement, CCP leader think spiritual organizations like Fa Lun Gong and Zhonggong have the potential to mobilize all their members. Therefore, they take these two organizations as the most serious threat to their ruling.

Officials at Chinese Embassy in US refused to be interviewed on Zhang’s case, or comment on the accusations from Zhang’s supporters who said the request for extradition is based on political motivations.

Yet, Zhonggong has announced in public that, all what it says were from Chinese police official documents. Zhang denied all the accusations, such as political subversion, even YY, etc.


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