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VOA REPORT China Cracking Down on Spiritual Groups


APR 18 2001 (by 凯吉)


Qi Gong groups in China become evil cults one after another”


Now Chinese government is starting to suppress some other widely influential Qi Gong organizations such as “Xiang Gong”, etc. At the same time, Zhong Gong founder Zhang Hong Bao has been released after being jailed for 15 months.   


First Falun Gong, Zhong Gong, now it’s Xiang Gong’s turn”


It was reported that after Falun Gong had been determined as “evil cult” in 1999 by the Chinese government, some other large-scaled Qi Gong groups seemed hard to escape from disaster. Germany Press quoted from “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Movement in China Information Center” on Wednesday that China is starting to suppress other Qi Gong groups similar to Falun Gong, because it is afraid that their development would be challenge to the government. Chinese government has announced that “Shenchang Human Body Science” is “evil cult”. Its founder is being detained in Suzhou City and will be tried. “Shenchang Human Body” has attracted 5 million followers. It is suspected that 500 members of this organization having rallied out of the publication house of “Workers’ Daily” and protested an article published in it has attracted the notice of the government.


French Press said that Xiang Gong is another group being cracked down at the same time. Chinese government shut down many practising centers and offices of Xiang Gong in all provinces last month. The founder of Xiang Gong disappeared. His families were confiscated of traveling ID by the government. Xiang Gong, headquartered in Luo Yang, is one of the biggest Qi Gong groups in China, and said to have more than ten million followers. It is reported that “Human Body Science” and Xiang Gong are all Qi Gong groups and their skills have synthesized philosophy of Buddhism and movements of Chinese martial arts which could help practioners keep energetic and healthy.   


Germany Press also quoted analysis by “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Movement in China Information Center” that the newly-started crack down of the Chinese government is actually the continuation of suppressing of Falun Gong and Zhong Gong, etc. Last year, there have been as many as 185 Qi Gong groups being shut down only in the province of Shanxi. 


Zhong Gong founder was released in Guam”


Meanwhile, Zhong Gong founder Zhang Hong Bao, who has been accused by the Chinese government of criminal charge and been jailed for 15 months by the US INS, was released in Guam on Tuesday. Zhang Hong Bao appealed in an open letter that the UN should approve the US’s proposal of condemning human rights records in China. He also appealed that the governments of different countries should give pressure to Chinese government requiring to release all the currently being detained dissidents, including Zhong Gong prationers, Falun Gong prationers and democracy advocators.


There was a report saying that “Zhong Gong” which means “Chinese health preserving and intelligence increasing skills”, was founded by Zhong Hong Bao in 1988 and claiming to have more than 20 million followers. In addition, it was reported that “Guanyin (a Bodhisattva) Famen (door of entry)”, a Buddhist association, was also determined as “evil cult” by the government, and its key members was sentenced in Shanxi Province. “Guanyin Famen” was founded in 1988 by “Qinghai Wushang Master” who mainly lives in Taiwan and Hong Gong and spread to Mainland China in 1992. It has about half million followers in Mainland China. 


France Press analyzed that there were two reasons for Qi Gong organizations to become popular in the 1990’s in China. One was that free medication was deducted, driving people to look for affordable yet effective health preserving methodology; the other one was the lose of interest in the ideal of communism, leaving people in demand of spiritual prop.


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