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Europe Daily: Human Rights Group Appeals to America for Releasing Zhang Hongbao

Continental edition of “Europe Daily” reports, 16-18th

Zhang Hongbao Might Suffered Maltreatment in Prison, Human Rights Group Appeals to America for Releasing Him

[Central Agency Hong Kong on Dec. 14th] “The Hong Kong-based Information Center of Human Rights and Democracy Movement in China” revealed that after Zhong Gong disclosed on 10th Dec. to media that Zhang Hongbao has been subjected to inhumane treatments in Guam prison, on 14th morning the Guam prison noticed him suddenly that he would be sent to the grave criminals’ prison with worse conditions. “Information Center” called on U.S. Immigration Bureau for executing the court decision and releasing Zhang Hongbao from the prison immediately to ensure his human rights. On 10th Dec., the World Human Rights Day, "Zhong Gong" disclosed to media that since Jan. of this year, Zhang Hongbao has experienced various inhumane treatments, involving ward’s brutal torture injuring Zhang's eyes, inhumane living conditions, and living in the Kafka's world under 24-hour electronic eye watch and so on.

“Information Center” appealed to Guam Immigration Bureau and prison to abide by the important convention of human rights of UN ―― the “Convention Against Torture” and to release Zhang Hongbao. It is stipulated in this Convention that when someone will be repatriated and will suffer tortures or injustice trial after repatriation, he/she can get protection against torture and can be not repatriated. In March, 1999, America makes it a law of “protection against torture” out of safeguarding human rights. On Sept. 21, the judge of Guam Immigration Court gave a court decision of granting Zhang Hongbao the status of protection against torture, thus he can reside and work in America lawfully, but Guam Immigration Bureau puts him in Guam prison all along for the reason of “protecting his personal safety”.

“Information Center” said, America regards the problem of human rights as its core diplomatic policy. It will make people very disappointed, if America itself cannot protect in accordance with the content of UN Human Rights Convention the personage persecuted by CPC.

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