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Russia Internet: Zhonggong leader allegedly tortured in American prison

From Russian of PRIMA article on Zhang Hongbao
Zhonggong leader allegedly tortured in American prison

The administration of an American prison on the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean decided on December 14 to transfer Zhang Hongbao, leader of the Zhonggong religious movement who has received political asylum in the United States to the section for criminals, the Hong Kong Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy reported on December 14.

The Hong Kong center has information that Zhang Hongbao has declared a hunger strike to protest his detainment in prison. The center further reports that Zhang Hongbao was beaten by a guard and injured in the eye.

Zhang Hongbao fled the People's Republic of China (PRC) to Guam, which is under U.S. jurisdiction, in February of this year. The embassy of the PRC in the United States announced in July of this year that Zhang Hongbao was evading criminal persecution for raping three Zhonggong followers in 1990 and 1994. Chinese officials have used such accusations to compromise political opponents previously.

In spite of the fact that Zhang Hongbao was granted the status of Having the right to asylum to escape torture by an American court on September 21, he remains in prison. The Hong Kong human rights activists stated that "it is completely unnecessary for the personal safety of Zhang Hongbao to hold him in a prison for criminals.

Much less is it Necessary to subject him to torture and inhumane treatment for that purpose."

Zhang Hongbao, a former party worker, developed Zhonggong, a religious practice combining Qi gong breathing exercises and the dualistic Taoist-inspired Kyilin philosophy, in 1987. The movement has about 38 million followers in China. 

According to the Hong Kong center, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of the PRC issued a warrant for the arrest of Zhang Hongbao in 1996. About 3000 Zhonggong centers have been closed and 600 leaders in the movement arrested. According to an MPS directive obtained by the Hong Kong center, Chinese authorities  have sent agent abroad to arrest and return the Zhonggong leader to China, or else kill him.

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