Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Central Agency: American Congressmen Give Attention to “Zhong Gong” Zhang Hongbao’s Event

(Central Agency Lu Jianhui Hong Kong 26th) Hong Kong-based Information Center of Human Rights and Democracy Movement in China revealed today that more and more American congressmen pay attention to “Zhong Gong” founder Zhang Hongbao’s event. Two congressmen Rohrabacher and Robert have sent a letter to American Immigration and Naturalization Service(INS) to show strong solicitude for that Zhang Hongbao hasn’t got release till now and has suffered inhumane treatment.

Information Center expressed that Dana Rohrabacher and Robert paid extreme attention to the inhumane treatment suffered by Zhang Hongbao a famous Chinese Spiritual leader. Dana Rohrabacher’s Office has already sent a congress investigation letter to General Bureau of American INS to show the solicitude for this matter and ask for explanation of this. In addition, congressman Robert met with “Zhong Gong’s” person in charge Yan Qingxin and expressed to be “very disturbed” by the present state of Zhang Hongbao. Robert has already contacted with the leader of Guam Immigration Bureau and investigated the development of the event.

Information Center pointed out that after Zhang Hongbao started hunger strike on Dec. 14,this year, dissent personages Wei Jingsheng, Wang Xizhe, Wang Dan and ten odd famous human rights and democratic movement groups appealed successively for releasing Zhang Hongbao. Moreover, tens Zhang Hongbao’s disciples from Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, Europe, Switzerland and America also came to Guam to support and issued letters of appeal. Bearing the pressure, the prison moved Zhang Hongbao into the hospital on 20th and Guam Federal Court has also adopted and expressed its willing to accept and hear Zhang Hongbao’s lawsuit of “A petition of habeas corpus“. The court will begin to open a court session on Jan. 19th next year.

It is said that after reaching the tentative aim, Zhang Hongbao stopped his hunger strike on 22nd.

Furthermore, Information Center revealed that Feng Linxi, the general manager of Shaanxi “Jianghaiyang Limited Company” of “Zhong Gong” Kylin Group, was arrested by mainland public security in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province and is put in a house of detention of Chengdu public security now. At present, public security is still listing “Zhong Gong” main persons in charge as wanted.

Information Center pointed out that a group of “Zhong Gong” persons in charge were sentenced by CPC also in this month, the details are being learned. Since Oct. last year after cracking down “Zhong Gong”, CPC has arrested at least 600 persons in charge and forcedly closed down 3000 “Zhong Gong” enterprises.


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