Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Rescuing activity in Guam by "Guam Branch of Campaign to Free Zhang Hongbao"

"Guam Branch of Campaign to Free Zhang Hongbao" Feb. 2nd Washington News

At ten (local time) in the morning on Feb. 2nd, the "Guam Branch of Campaign to Free Zhang Hongbao" declared its establishment in Guam Maniglao City where Mr. Zhang hongbao is put in prison. The aim of the Guam Branch is to support Mr. Zhang Hongbao.

After declaration of establishment the "Guam Branch of Campaign to Free Zhang Hongbao" organized the first rescuing activity immediately. Under the guidance of the persons in charge of the "Guam Branch" Mr. Sun Bin and Ms. Cheng Tiemei, more than one hundred fifty people of native Chinese and residents hurried from various areas of Guam and representatives of personages of overseas democratic movement from Japan, Hong Kong, etc. and delegates of Zhong Gong learners held a peacefully petitioning parade starting from the Guam Government House. The marchers raised banners and placards all writed "Release Zhang Hongbao" in Chinese and English. The parade presented to Government House a petition to the Governor and asked him to pass it on to President Bush. They hope that the New Administration of Bush will correct the mistake of the former President Clinton, release Mr. Zhang Hongbao as soon as possible and give this famous Chinese Spiritual leader a due courteous reception. They also expressed their wishes of releasing Mr. Zhang Hongbao as early as possible to District Federal Court and the president of Guam Congress Antonio R. Unpingco.

The news media of Guam district thought highly of this activity: the reporters of radio and TV stations covered news accompanying from beginning to end; in recent issues, "Pacific Daily" published the reports about Mr. Zhang almost everyday. Yesterday, it reported in advance an information " a new human rights group will hold a petitioning parade in support of Chinese spiritual leader" with the title " It is unforgivable to lock up Mr. Zhang in prison".

This unprecedented parade composed mainly of Chinese provokes great interest of citizens. For plain sailing of the parade the Guam Authority dispatches several petrol wagons to clear the way for the parade and a certain amount of policemen to preserve order particularly.

Yesterday, the persons in charge of "Guam Branch of Campaign to Free Zhang Hongbao" went to prison specially to visit Mr. Zhang Hongbao and talked with Mr. Zhang kindly. They expressed that they will mobilize more broad people keeping close attention to the course of Mr. Zhang's case until Mr. Zhang get complete freedom.


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