Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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General mobilization of overseas democratic movement groups Pledge to rescue Zhang Hong Bao out of prison by Christmas

To counter Zhang Hong Bao’s situation, the mainstreams of overseas Chinese democratic movement groups have taken actions to go canvassing some related authorities including the US Congress and the Statement Department. “Washington Times” of Dec.25 published a whole page of advertisement including dozens of excerpts of reports from mainstream media, woven in strongly provoking words appealing the public to show solicitude for the American judicial sovereignty of justice and sacredness. Also published was a picture of Zhang Hong Bao.

The famous democratic personage Wang Xi Zhe, Lian Sheng De and some American human rights activists are preparing to fly for Guam and strive to visit Zhang Hong Bao in prison and protect his health.

Currently conducting activities in Europe, Wei Jing Sheng said, despite that Clinton cared nothing about those dissidents in prison, he would never forget about his friends who fight with the Communist Party.
Especially the three of Zhang Hong Bao, Peng Ming, and Fang Jue must be the first priority to rescue. He also said, the three of them respectively represent a group of strength standing out to have a contest with the Communist Party, so overseas democratic groups shouldn’t stand by with folded arms.


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