Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Alliance of Liberal China Movement and China Democratic Party Canvassing in Washington DC last week for Rescue of Zhang Hong Bao

(News in Brief)

In the week after Jan.19, members of Alliance of Liberal China Movement and China Democratic party, under the leading of Wang Xi Zhe, Lian Sheng De, Ti Mu, Liao Da Wen, Wang Min, Luo Xiang, Pan Guo Ping, etc., sometimes together with Yan Qing Xin ----- the person in charge of Zhong Gong International Headquarters, went canvassing in large scale at Capital Hill of Washington to express support for rescue of Zhang Hong Bao. Within the few days, they have interviewed tens of famous senators and congressmen or their assistants, regardless of their own fatigue. During interviews, they have introduced Zhong Gong and Zhang Hong Bao to the senators and congressmen, and explained the significance of releasing Zhang Hong Bao at the soonest to further promote the Democracy Moverment of China. Their canvassing have achieved quite aggressive results. At noon of Jan.22, members from Alliance and Zhong Gong Organization held a demonstration in front of China Embassy in Washington DC to protest slander imposed on Zhang Hong Bao by Chinese Communist Party. Zhou Jian He, leader of the Temporary Committee of Democratic Party, came from New York to join in the demonstration and also attend the canvassing at senate in the afternoon. Meanwhile, another leader of the Temporary Committee Zhang Ying issued a statement signed by more than one hundred persons to support Zhang Hong Bao. Alliance of Liberal China Movement and China Democratic Party greatly welcome such cooperation of unanimous purpose and encourage all democratic organizations and societies to take part in the activity of supporting Zhong Gong, Zhang Hong Bao and Fa Lun Gong as early as possible, by which to expand the united front of democratic movement.

Within the next few days, lawyer Gao Tai and lawyer Ye Ning will go to Guam again to defend on Federal Court for Zhang Hong Bao in his application of habeas corpus.

Wang Xi Zhe went to Law Office of Ye Ning to propose a farewell toast and express his trust that he would try his best to earn Mr. Zhang Hong Bao’s earliest freedom without letting people down.

Jan.23, 2001
Voice of Alliance


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