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The Delegation Headed by Mr. Xizhe Wang Visited Mr. Hongbao Zhang in Guam

News from Headquarter of Chinese Alliance of Democracy,
Dec. 21, 2000, 02:39:39

Guam, Dec. 21, 9:30 am � 11:00 am--- Today, Xizhe Wang, Tim Cooper, Min Wong and Wu Yue visited Mr. Hongbao Zhang in Guam immigration jail.

The Guam prison police was on a high alert and conducted very strict inspection because the Guam TV Station and major news media reported the news that Chinese dissidents were supporting and rescuing Hongbao Zhang. The meeting was arranged in the prison’s cafeteria. Owing to his hunger strike, Mr. Zhang looked weak and talked in low voice, but he was in good spirit.

Mr. Xizhe Wang shook hands with Mr. Zhang and advised him to eat. Mr. Wang told him that his goal for hunger strike had been reached because the whole world concerned the issue through the propaganda. Mr. Wang hoped Mr. Zhang to stay in good health for the course of Chinese democracy. Mr. Zhang stated that he would resume diet gradually.

Mr. Xizhe Wang then passed on the message from Mr. Jinshen Wei and handed the letter by Mr. Binzhang Wang. He also informed the activities conducted by the “Alliance of Rescuing Hongbao Zhang”, which was founded on September 20 at the news conference held in Washington, DC. It obtained the active response from the US Congressmen as well.

Mr. Tim Cooper asked Mr. Zhang some questions, especially about his plan after his release. Mr. Zhang claimed that he would continue to expand his Zhong Gong cult so as to promote the development of Chinese democracy movement. Both Mr. Hongbao Zhang and Xizhe Wang exchanged their opinions and reached a common viewpoint. They agreed to co-operate on a wider scale in developing Chinese democracy movement abroad and Zhong Gong cult.

Mr. Min Wong helped to plan the rescue procedure on Mr. Zhang who would have the hearing on the 19th of the following month at the Federal Court in Guam.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhang wrote letters in reply of Mr. Jingshen Wei and Binzhang Wang with the suggestion from Xizhe Wang. Mr. Zhang also wrote a letter to all friends who were in for overseas democracy movement. In the letter, Mr. Zhang said, “It is the time for us to fight shoulder-to-shoulder. Hopefully, we will cooperate smoothly on a wider scale in the area of democracy and freedom.” Before leaving, Xizhe Wang, Tim Cooper, Min Wong and Wu Yue, each hugged Mr. Zhang and wished each other good health.

After their return, the delegation members held a news conference. The key issue of the conference was that the most success of the meeting with Mr. Hongbao Zhang was the strategic alliance with Zhong Gong organization, when the overseas members who joined the democracy movement were unprecedentedly unified together.


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