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Strongly Protesting Against Chinese Authorities Suppressing Political Dissidents with Criminal Charges

China Information Center of Human Rights and Democracy Movement: Strongly Appealing to Chinese Authority for Stopping its Disgraceful Act of Suppressing Political Dissidents with “Criminal Charges” (Excerpt)
By Lu Siqing (Hong Kong, August 2)

Political asylum is an essential part of “Universal Declaration of Human Right”, which has played a very important role in protecting and improving human rights all over the world. Take the Information Centre as an example. At present the Centre has played a very important part in promoting and improving human rights in China. However, without the Hong Kong-British government providing political asylum to Lu Siqing in 1993, this Centre would not have existed at all.

In regards to the Zhang Hongbao incidents, the Centre makes the following appeals:

(1) The principle of law is paramount in the US. The US government can not place itself above the law. … The US judicial system should maintain its independence and provide political asylum to Zhang Hongbao as soon as possible in accordance with the law.

(2) Recently there has been a noticeable increase of cases where the Chinese Authorities sentence political dissidents with so-called “criminal charges”. In a very short time six dissidents were sentenced to reform through labour under the charges of “visiting prostitutes”. This shows that it has become a common tactic for the Chinese Authorities to suppress political dissidents with “criminal charges”.

The Center strongly appeals to the Chinese Authorities for stopping such a disgraceful act.


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