Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

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The Information Center Calls on America to Protect Zhang Hongbao's Human Rights

Dec. 14th, 2000

Our Center learnt that after Zhong Gong had disclosed to media that Zhang Hongbao subjects inhuman treatments in Guam prison on 10th,Dec., this morning the Guam prison gave a notice suddenly that today he will be send to a region of grave criminals in the prison with worse conditions. Our Center calls on U.S. Immigration for executing the court decision to release Zhang Hongbao from the prison immediately in order to protect his human rights.

On 10th,Dec., the "Day of World Human Rights", "Zhong Gong" disclosed to media that since Jan. of this year, Zhang Hongbao has experienced various inhuman treatments including that:: his eyes were wounded by jailer; very bad housing conditions; 24-hours monitoring with lens and so on. This morning, Guam prison expressed suddenly they will send Zhang Hongbao into 6th region of grave criminals in the prison. In that region, the conditions are even worse, the events of torture of prisoners often occur. Zhang Hongbao protests against this transfer and declares to start a hunger strike. At present the state of the event is developing.
This week (from 10 to 16 of Dec.) is American Human Rights Week, and tomorrow (Dec. 15th) is American Day of Bill Of Rights. On this important Day of Human Rights, we strongly appeal to Guam Immigration Bureau and prison to abide by the important convention of human rights of UN ―― the “Convention Against Torture” and to release Zhang Hongbao. It is stipulated in this Convention that when someone will be repatriated and will suffer tortures and injustice trial, he/she can get protection against torture and can be not repatriated. In March, 1999, America makes it a law of “protection against torture” out of safeguarding human rights. On Sept. 21, the judge of Guam Immigration Court gave a court decision of granting Zhang Hongbao the status of protection against torture, that means he can reside and work in America lawfully, but Guam Immigration Bureau puts him in Guam prison all along for the reason of “protecting his personal safety”, and treats him as a criminal. Our Center considers that the way of doing this by Guam prison is violating the principles of “Convention Against Torture”. China Government accused that Zhang Hongbao raped three women including an old woman of 62 years in 1990. However, the China Government’s accusation is absurd because so called the “victims” submitted official report on case ten years later, i.e., after Falun Gong and Zhong Gong were cracked down, obviously such accusation was extremely unbelievable. Even according to Chinese law Zhang Hongbao should be still guiltless before the court trial, then why does the Guam Immigration Bureau treat the leader of a famous spiritual movement Zhang Hongbao as a convicted criminal only according to the accusation provided by Chinese authorities without getting any confirmation? America regards the problem of human rights as its core diplomatic policy. It will make people very disappointed if America itself cannot protect in accordance with the content of UN Human Rights Convention the personage persecuted by CPC. Thus, in the American Human Rights Week, we appeal strongly for giving Zhang Hongbao freedom. It is unnecessary absolutely to protect Zhang Hongbao's personal safety in a prison for detaining grave criminals, and even unnecessary to bring inhuman treatment or torture to bear on him.

Information Center of Human Rights and Democratic Movements in China


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