Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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China Overseas Joint Conference of Democratic Movement Groups

Oct. 19, 2000

China Overseas Joint Conference of Democratic Movement Groups, which has the famous personage of democratic movement Wei Jingsheng as its chairman and includes many democratic movement groups, made a statement today to express extremely close attention to safety of Zhong Gong’s founder Mr. Zhang Hongbao.

The statement says:

The founder of Zhong Gong Mr. Zhang Hongbao has fled abroad because of being subjected to CPC’s political persecutions and entered into the U.S.-administered island of Guam to seek political asylum. At present, the U.S. Government still puts Zhang Hongbao in prison of Immigration Bureau. CPC authorities constantly exert pressure and demand the U.S. to extradite Zhang Hongbao back to China.

It is known to all that since last year CPC authorities cruelly start to suppress Falun Gong and other Qigong groups, thus seriously hurt the human right of Qigong practitioners. As democratic movement groups we resolutely oppose the crime of CPC’s persecuting Qigong practitioners. We demand that U.S. Government assures the security of Mr. Zhang Hongbao and let him remain in America to live freely with proper resident status.


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