Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhang Hongbao Touched the CPC to They Very Nerves

CPC Regards Zhang Hongbao as Greatest Foe Who Challenges CPC’s Government.
Resolutely Opposing CPC’s Political Persecution of Zhong Gong’s fonder Zhang Hongbao
21st Oct. 2000

1, Facing the fast increasing in number of followers of Zhong Gong, CPC regards Zhang Hongbao as greatest foe who challenges CPC’s political power. Zhong Gong has enormous members, this is one of main factors of that CPC considers Zhong Gong as a foe.

2, Zhong Gong’s founder Zhang Hongbao opened his standpoint of anti-Marxism in interior of Zhong Gong and criticized the unratinality of Marxism theoretically. This is the another main factor which let CPC consider him as biggest political opponent who challenges CPC’s political power.

3, Zhang Hongbao praises the tripartite confrontation of democratic countries, opposes single-party autocracy, he also toudies the tender spot of nerves of CPC’s political power. Zhang Hongbao’s stand of advocating democracy against autocracy, also forms another main factor of CPC’s persecution of him.

4, Now in China, the rule by man surmounts the rule by law. for the big political opponent Zhang Hongbao CPC enumerates the so called evidences to him which we may reasonably conclude it is only another political frame-up from countless fabricated events of political
frame-up happened in China.

We, China Democracy Freedom Party, make a solemn statement here: we resolutely oppose CPC’s political persecution of the Zhong Gong’s founder Zhang Hongbao; resolutely support Zhang Hongbao’s stand point against Marxism and autocracy: heartily expect that Zhang Hongbao shake off nagging traps set up by CPC and come to the free circumstance as early as possible to struggle for personal idea and future of China.

We also appeal U.S. Immigration Bureau to release Zhang Hongbao as soon as possible. Now that the court has ruled the protection of Zhang Hongbao according to the U.S. “Law of Protection against torture” and he gains the legal residence in U.S.. The U.S. Immigration Bureau should not continue the detain of Zhang Hongbao. This way of doing does not benefit the solution of the matter and may be considered as going counter to human rights.

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