Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Chinese Authorities Organize Perjured Witnesses for Defamatory Libel

-Some People Obviously Trying to Help Chinese Authorities to Achieve Extradition
“An Open Letter to US President and Vice-president” (Excerpt, November 15)
-Free China Movement Foundation

We, members of Free China Movement Foundation who affix hereunder our signatures, write you this letter to earnestly request you to stop some very wrong on-going practices in regards to US-China relations under the leadership of your administration.

We hereby appeal to you for immediate release of Mr. Zhang Hongbao, the world-renowned Zhong Gong leader, from the prison in the U. S.! Please stop any disgraceful attempts to send Mr. Zhang Hongbao back to the bloody and cruel tentacles of the Beijing dictators!

Since last year, they have launched a large-scale and wide-ranging suppression of Qigong groups throughout the country. They have even intensified the persecution in defiance of international denouncements. Today, more and more people who practice Qigong have suffered all forms of persecution such as abuse, torture, public degrading, dismissal, detention, imprisonment and death sentence. The persecution has been characterised by a lack of judicial procedures, confiscation and damage to legitimate properties, illegal deprival of financial support and a disgraceful state-organized perjured witnesses movement resulting in defamatory libel, etc. Similar cases are numerous.

Therefore, Mr. Zhang Hongbao, leader of Zhong Gong, chose the U.S. as a safe asylum where he can continue to do his charity work for people in affliction. Yet, the Beijing “proletariat” dictators adopted unprecedented, disgraceful methods to violently interfere in the internal affairs and judicial independence of the U.S. The Embassy of People’s Republic of China and the Foreign Ministry spokesman attempted to use groundless and disgraceful slanders of “sexual offence” as an excuse and demanded the extradition of Mr. Zhang. In this way they tried to force your government to yield to China’s political needs and make compromises which will undermine the dignity of your country.

The real reason behind the so-called “heavy offence” charges is that the Chinese Authorities think that Mr. Zhang’s political dissident opinions are “against the constitution and theoretical bases that the People’s Republic of China was founded upon.” They are worried that Zhong-Gong, under Mr. Zhang’s leadership, might become a strong and organized opposition force and a peaceful replacement of the Chinese Communist Party.

For this reason, they have spared no efforts to make it impossible for Mr. Zhang Hongbao to live anywhere. Their plan is to bring Mr. Zhang Hongbao back to China and execute him. Only in this way can they get rid of the “fears deep in their hearts”. This is the same as their handling of the cases of Priest Wu Yangming and Priest Liu Jiaguo. Apparently the American Judicial Department under your government is helping them to reach such a “final solution”.


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