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Chinese Party of Democracy and Freedom (CPDF) Appeals the Clinton Administration Promptly Release Mr. HongBao Zhang

December 19, 2000

The Zhong Gong leader Mr. Hongbao Zhang has been continuously detained in Guam prison since September 21, after he obtained the US court’s final decision of “Anti Persecution Legislation.” Recently, due to the worse treatment he received in the prison, Mr. Zhang had to go on a hunger strike to protest the maltreatment in the prison.

Accordingly, Chinese Alliance of Democracy (CAD) and Chinese Party of Democracy and Freedom (CPFD) immediately sent Mr. Yue Wu, the leader in France Branch Office, and Mr. Xiang Lin, the leader in Japan Branch Office, to Guam. They visited Mr. Zhang, and at the same time, they protested the Clinton Administration for its unjust treatment toward Mr. Zhang. They requested the Clinton Administration to improve the benefits and free Mr. Zhang as soon as possible. It is inhumane to continuously detain Mr. Hongbao Zhang.

The CPFD also required all its Branch Offices in the world to fax the protest letters to the White House. We hope the Clinton Administration will promptly resolve this incident. Mr. Zhang’s case is not longer an issue between the United States and China, but an issue of human rights that attracted the whole world.

The United States is a developed country of democracy and human rights. However, we feel very much regretful that Mr. Zhang is on a hunger strike in the prison now.

Chinese Party of Democracy and Freedom


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