Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Statement of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao by the Temporary Committee of Chinese Democratic Party

The first leader of Zhong Gong organization Mr. Zhang Hong Bao is still being jailed in the US INS prison, for the alleged crimes of raping raised by Communist Party of China. All the cases those so-called prosecutors reported happened many years as per CPC. All took place at the same time yet in four provinces. Related authority handled these cases just like making ham-burg. Obviously, this is another political persecution launched by CPC.

In the past 52 years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese citizens have suffered to the full political persecution in the form of political movements launched by CPC. Every family of China must have experienced at least one time’s persecution. CPC has committed numerous crimes to the Chinese people. Following the suppressing of counter revolution, the movement against three evils and five evils, movement against right-winged, the “four clean-ups” movement, the cultural revolution, movement against spiritual corruption, and the crack down on Falun Gong, etc., now CPC is again persecuting Chinese citizens in the name of suppressing Zhong Gong. CPC has always been changing means to deal with political opponents it reckons. Sometimes, it directly imposed political charges such as “counter revolution” or “subversion of the state power” on the persecuted like the ex-president Liu Shao Qi and other countless victims of political movements. Yet sometimes it forced criminal charged on the persecuted, like Li Hong Zhi and his followers in large quantity. Nowadays, CPC usually charges its political dissidents with sexual crimes, which as expected may be more likely to arouse indignity of the masses. Thereafter, a bunch of political dissidents become sexual criminals. Everything is stemmed from CPC’s principle of “stability surpassing anything”, nothing mentioned abut real legality. Zhang Hong Bao is regarded by CPC as such a powerful political opponent that a series accusations against him have been framed up for those almost ridiculous allege of raping taking place so many years ago. Recently, some more are coming up.

Many of the overseas Chinese have personally experienced political persecution in the name of different crimes imposed by CPC. Some have families, relatives or friends have suffered from CPC’s cruel political persecution. Quite a lot of our members have even directly been put into jail and maltreated. Such persecution is keeping going on, and even getting more savage by extending to overseas.

International human rights organizations have taken statistics for human rights status of the year 2000 under the regime of CPC. Their conclusion is the human rights status in China is getting worse instead of improving. However, the Cliton’s administration unexpectedly established “strategic partnership” with CPC and even kept Zhong Gong leader Zhang Hong Bao in jail to enjoy his “anti-maltreatment protection” in the situation that CPC is reinforcing persecution on Chinese citizens (for example, leaders and disciples of Falun Gong and Zhong Gong).

We, the Temporary Committee of Chinese Democratic Party, hereby state that we support Zhang Hong Bao’s political standpoint of counter-Marxism, counter-dictatorship and establishing democratic system, and we resolutely oppose the so-called charges against Zhang Hong Bao framed by CPC. We strongly appeal that the US government could remove the political pressure imposed by CPC to return Mr. Zhang Hong Bao the basic human rights and personal freedom, and avoid objectively becoming a hand to CPC in suppressing Chinese citizens.

The Temporary Committee of Chinese Democratic Party
Jan.19, 2001

Note: this statement has been jointly signed by 98 Chinese Democratic Party members and their friends around 12 countries and areas of Europe, Hong Kong and Macao under the mobilization of Zhang Ying (CEO of Chinese Democratic Party).

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