Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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A Letter of Expressing Sympathy to Mr. Zhang Hong Bao
-------- By Mainland Chinese Political Asylee Association of West America

Dear Mr. Zhang Hong Bao:

We are a group of pursuers for liberty and democracy coming from Mainland China.

We are all victims yet opponents of the autocratic regime of Chinese Communist Party.

Some of us have already been granted asylum by US government, and some are under the processing of asylum application. We established this non-profit organization ----- Mainland Chinese Political Asylee Association of West America with the purpose to assist Mainland Chinese in seeking asylum in US. Having the same background as yours, we have been paying close attention to your case and heartily sympathize with your situation. We are determined to be your backing force to support your every action of justice.

To seek asylum in US is a natural right for everyone who loves liberty. Not any individual or any organization shall deprive us of this human right. Our pursuit of liberty is exactly like pagans in “Royal East” coming to the new continent of America to avoid persecution. Our pursuit of liberty is with justice on our side. We firmly believe that victory shall belong to justice and that you will obtain liberty sooner or later.

We are determined to try our best to help you.

We are entrusting Doctor Wang Bing Zhang ------ representative of “Alliance of Supporting Mr. Zhang Hong Bao” to pass this letter on.

Take care.

Mainland Chinese Political Asylee Association of West America
In Los Angeles on Jan.20 of year 2001.


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