Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Cry out for freedom of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao
------- Statement of Overseas Joint Conference of Chinese Democratic Movement

Date: Feb.01, 2001

Mr. Zhang Hong Bao, founder of Zhong Gong organization, has been jailed in Guam for a whole year since he arrived at Guam on Jan.29 of last year and started to apply for asylum. Last September 21 he was granted "Anti Maltreatment Protection" by the court. Since then, he should have been freely living and working in the United States. But actually INS is still keeping him in prison.

At 10am on February 2, Guam liaison office of Overseas Joint Conference of Chinese Democratic Movement together with Alliance of Rescuing Zhang Hong Bao will hold a demonstration on Governor Plaza of Guam, and then parade all the way down to the Federal Court of Guam to protest the act of putting Zhang Hong Bao into prison. Joint Conference expressed their firm support for this plan.

After the cruel persecution over Fa Lun Gong, CCP authority started to crack down Zhong Gong, and tried to get Mr. Zhang Hong Bao extradited from Guam to China against a fabricated charge. We are strongly concerned about the destiny of Zhang Hong Bao. And we will never tolerate clutches of CCP dictatorship extending overseas to persecute dissidents.

Again, we appeal that US authority should release Mr. Zhang Hong Bao immediately to defend his basic human rights.

We appeal that International Society should put pressure on CCP authority to stop cruel persecution over QiGong or Religious organization like Fa Lun Gong and Zhong Gong. Human right to practise skill should never be trampled.

We appeal that all Chinese in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas, during the joyful spring festival, should speak out with the traditional virtue of humanity and mercy to stop CCP in slaughtering lives.

The cliques of Jiang Ze Min have roused widespread indignation and discontent. It would not long before they fall from power and democracy win the victory in China.


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