Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Petition from "Guam Branch of Campaign
to Free Master Zhang Hongbao"


Mail address:
P.O. Box 5462 Hagatna 96932 Guam
Contact with: Sun Bin Chen Tiemei
Telephone: 671-6882808(Mr. Sun) 671-6881876 (Miss Chen)
Date: Feb.2nd, 2001

Dear Respectable Governor of Guam and Mr. President Bush c/o:

Mr. Zhang Hong Bao, who has been referred by international media as "the greatest spiritual leader of China", is the founder of Zhong Gong organization which has 38 million members up to now. He is also a new typed Chinese entrepreneur as well as a progressive personage having advanced democratic thought who has successfully established more than 3000 enterprises with 100 thousand odd employees.

Mr. Zhang has been persecuted for a long time because Jiang Ze Min's regime regards him as a potential political opponent. To explore a new developing space for the severely suppressed Zhong Gong organization, he ventured so long distance to reach Guam through many twists and turns, wholeheartedly anticipating that he obtain humane support and help from US government.

Chinese Communist Party has framed up a set of false statement to prevent Mr. Zhang from being granted political asylum. CCP and some personnel of Clinton's Administration have cooperated in efforts trying to turn the typical asylum case into criminal case. However, some related authorized departments of US including the State Department and the Congress have drawn the conclusion through judicial appraisal that the false statement provided by CCP is hard to believe. But to our surprise, Mr. Zhang is still being jailed in Guam by Clinton's administration even after he has been granted "Anti maltreatment Protection" by US Immigration Judge. It has been a whole year that Mr. Zhang be in the Guam prison, while the Judicial Department is still making the lamentable efforts trying to expel him to some third country.

Now we are seeing bright prospects at the historical turn when Mr. Bush won the honorable US presidential campaign. We are looking forward to personal attention from President Bush on this currently biggest international political case of US, because this is the only way to thoroughly correct the mistake made by the Ex-president. We believe that the successful settlement of Mr. Zhang's case under the correct and powerful promotion of the new administration would definitely improve the status of human rights and also benefit the development of democratic movement in China.

All members of "Guam Branch of Campaign to Free Master Zhang Hongbao" are the firm backing forces of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao. Our belief is that democracy progress in China is in close relation with America's being powerful and prosperous. As long as the United States is firmly holding high the flag of liberty and democracy, people of the world shall be filled with hope of peace and happiness.

We sincerely pray to God that good luck befall on Guam at the soonest! The day on which Mr. Zhang Hong Bao step out of prison would be a day of jubilation of us in Guam.

Best regards.


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