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An Open Letter to Mr. US President Bush Regarding the Case of Zhang Hong Bao

Date: Jan.22nd, 2001

Your Excellency Mr. President Bush:

First of all, congratulations on you assuming office of the 43rd President of the United States.

During your preparation for taking the office, there was one issue happening that has drawn the greatest attention of the whole world, which also means the International Justice Power have been focusing their concern on China. It is with no doubt that the biggest change in early 21st century would be the disintegration of Chinese Communist Party's autocratic regime and the establishment of democratic system in China. It is not a matter of possibility, but a matter of when and how.

I hope that in your term of office, with your close attention, human rights status of Mainland China should achieve tremendous improvement. Now I am recalling a political asylum case that happened in 1982, the year in which I founded the journal of "China Spring". That was the case of Hu Na, a Chinese tennis athlete, and it has almost shaken US-Sino relationship. Some American politicians worried that granting asylum to Hu Na would have a bad impact on the relationship between the US and China. In their mind, Hu Na's human right should be sacrificed to curry favor with Chinese Communist Party. At that time Ronald Reagan of Republican Party was the President. He expressed his sympathy to Hu Na. He even suggested that he would like to take in Hu Na personally. Motivated by such strength of justice, the Judicial Department finally defeated the opposition faction and granted Hu Na political asylum. The result was CCP only protested with a few words. And relationship between the US and China has not been deteriorated because of this. Your father George Bush was vice President then. I believe he must have a good memory of the case of Hu Na.

Now your cabinet is facing a similar case ------ Mr. Zhang Hong Bao's petition for political asylum. Zhang Hong Bao, the founder and leader of Zhong Gong organization, is currently under persecution and pursuing of CCP.

I don't think it necessary for me to retell details of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao's case. You and your assistants must have known better than I do about the essence and status of his case. Mr. Zhang is currently still being jailed in Guam, without obtaining his deserved freedom instead on this land of freedom. To our best knowledge, one of the reasons making his case so complicated is the political pressure put by CCP, which is similar to the situation of Hu Na's case. What is different from Hu Na's case is persecution put by CCP on Mr. Zhang Hong Bao would be much more obvious and much more severe. Or, let's put it bluntly: Mr. Zhang Hong Bao has times of grounds for seeking asylum.

It might be because of the "wanted circular" against him issued by CCP that Mr. Zhang Hong Bao has not been released up to now. Fortunately we have learned that through appraisal of authorized specialists from the US Congress and the State Department, the said document is hard to believe. Hence, we look forward to the soonest decision made by your administration to return Mr. Zhang Hong Bao freedom at length. If the government of a democratic country should have to consider the favor of the dictator of CCP in making decision on Zhang Hong Bao's case, it would impact the dignity of ideology of liberty and democracy.

Seeking asylum and pursuing freedom is everyone's natural human right. Mr. Zhang Hong Bao's longing for and pursuit of freedom is exactly like your ancestors taking "Royal East" to the new continent of America to escape from persecution. American History is exactly the history of Mankind's pursuit of liberty. This holy sanctuary for all people under persecution of the world is a bestowing land by God to anyone who loves liberty. We hope that the settlement of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao's case should enlighten not diminish the glory of the liberty history of the United States. Being a Christian, I personally hope you, the US President as well as a pious Christian, would glorify the grace and love bestowed to Mankind by God through successfully settling the case of Mr. Zhang Hong Bao.

MD, PH.D Wang Bing Zhang
Founder of the China Spring Journal
Initiator of China Overseas Democratic Movement Group
Spokesman of Overseas Temporary Headquarters of Chinese Democratic Justice Party


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