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What on earth has Zhang Hong Bao Done Wrong?

Wei Jing Sheng

(Chairman of Overseas Joint Conference of Chinese Democratic Movement)

Just now I received a copy of the appeal issued by "Alliance of Rescuing Zhang Hong Bao in Guam". It reads that "Chinese Communist Party put pressure on US by framing a case against Zhang Hong Bao, trying to get him extradited. We are a group of Chinese living in Guam and now determined to found an alliance of rescuing Zhang Hong Bao. On February 2, we are going to hold a demonstration on Governor Plaza of Guam and then parade all the way down to Federal Court of Guam to protest their act of keeping Zhang Hong Bao in jail."

I greatly appreciate and support the said plan.

Zhang Hong Bao, the founder of Zhong Gong organization, has been jailed in Guam for a whole year since he arrived in Guam on Jan.29 last year and started to apply for political asylum. On last September 21st he has been granted "Anti Maltreatment Protection" by the court. Since then, he should have been living and working freely in US. But, actually INS is still keeping him in jail.

Recently overseas democratic movement groups have launched a series of acts to support rescue of Mr. Zhang in Guam as well as in Washington. Mr. Wang Xi Zhe, Mr. Xiang Ling and some others have flown to visit Mr. Zhang in Guam, and also held press conference in Washington. Regarding release of Mr. Zhang, I have personally carried on quite a few negotiations with related authorities of US. Meanwhile, I have also contacted Mr. Zhang in prison over phone call. Xiang Ling conveyed some important information to Mr. Zhang on my behalf and Mr. Zhang's letter managed to reach me. Mainstream groups of Democratic Movement are helping each other and doing well in this case, uniting as one to support rescue of Mr. Zhang.

In order to undermine their reputation, the clique of Jiang Ze Min framed up a lot of crimes against Zhong Gong just like what they did to Fa Lun Gong, among which a charge of "raping women" was particularly imposed on Mr. Zhang. But what is strange is: firstly, in the document the three so-called victims do not have personal details like name, age, and address, etc.; secondly, all crimes mentioned happened many years ago. Why did not those women stand out to accuse Mr. Zhang in person instead of through publishing by Xin Hua News Agency? Why didn't they expose Mr. Zhang at that time instead of now?

In the last period of time, quite a lot of dissidents have been persecuted by CCP in the charge of "raping" or "going whoring". It seems a new means of the clique of Jiang Ze Ming to crack down dissidents with criminal charge and undermine their reputation.

However, can such roughly fabricated crime deceive people?

I believe that I will welcome Mr. Zhang to Washington DC in no time.

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