Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Zhong Gong a Group of Spiritual Movement has suffered suppression in Large Scale by CPC

Extracts from “China uses the ‘Heretic Law’ to step up suppressing religions and spiritual movements” Mr. Lu Siqing who is the director of Hong Kong-based China Information Center of Human Rights and Democracy, testimony on the meeting of hearing the evidences of American International Religion Belief Freedom Commission. ( Excerpt)

Zhong gong it is also a group of spiritual movement. It not only place the emphasis on cultivating with Qigong methods, but also on directing cultivation and improving cultivation
Levels with “Kylin Philosophy”. The “Kylin Philosophy” is founded by Zhang Hongbao which has expounded unique opinion of truth, moral, ethical, and opinion of human nature, etc. on the basis of integrating the advantages of “Buddhism and Taoism”.

At the moment, “Zhong Gong” has been labeled internally as a heresy by authorities and
suffered suppression in large scale. Since Nov 1999, 3000 “Zhong Gong’s” large bases have been closed down by the authorities, at least 600 leaders of“Zhong Gong” have been arrested, some of “Zhong Gong’s” leaders have been sentenced or are being prosecuted. “Zhong Gong’s” founder Zhang Hongbao has been wanted by the authorities and now his whereabouts is unknown.

Notes: The American International Religion Belief Freedom Commission (AIRBFC) is a semi-official organization and consists of American President and the persons nominated by leaders of Parliament. In order to submit an annual report to the Parliament and American Government, In the middle of Mar this year, a meeting for hearing the evidences on China religious freedom was held specially. Meeting also studying the problem of China religions being persecuted. All of participants have condemned the misconduct of China Government’s suppressing religions strongly.


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