Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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Wang Dan appeal for Zhang Hongbao's free

The famous students leader Wang Dan ask US Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) free the Zhang Hongbao as soon as possible. Wang dan said in Washington that he care about the Zhang Hongbao's hunger strike very much,and USA is a democratic country, Zhang Hongbao can not be tortured by anyone. Wang Dan said INS should not put Zhang Hongbao in the jail, Because "protect" zhang hong bao need not in the jail. He said China's crackdown to Zhong Gong and Falun gong is crazy.

It is the ninth day since the hunger strike in December 14. Zhang hong's health is weak as eat noting . the famous dissident Wang xizhe asked the INS in Guam to make the better live condition for Mr Zhang. Now many famous human rights activists or dissidents such as Harry Wu, Wei jingsheng,Wang dan, Wang xizhe, Wang bingzhang, Wang min appeal for Mr Zhang's free.and more the 10 famous Human rights group or democracy organization such as "free China movement","Information center for Human rights and Democracy", "VIP reference", "China democratic party", "Chinese democracy alliance", "China democracy and freedom party", "Oversee democracy alliance conference" appeal Mr Zhang 's release immediately too. So many dissidents and group appeal for the release show that many Chinese dissidents dissatisfied to the INS in this case.

China has accused Mr Zhang of raping 3 Women (Include a 62 years old woman) in 1990,but the so called "evidence" are fake ones. The 3 women said the rape case were in 1990,but They called the police in 10 years later( after crackdown Falun gong and Zhong Gong), it is very clear the police force these women to give the fake charge. but INS treated the Zhang Hongbao as a criminal according to these fake charge. it is absolutely unfair to MR Zhang. it make the people think INS on the pressure of China. Christmas will come soon . we appeal for zhang hong bao 's release before the Christmas.

Information Center for Human Rights & democracy


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