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Letter to Mr. Zhang Hong Bao from Zhang Ying

Submitted by: News Agency of China Spring on Jan.28, 2001

Dear Mr. Zhang Hong Bao:

You are spending the first New Year of a new century as well as your second Spring Festival since your losing freedom in prison of Guam. We, Chinese Democratic Party members and all democratic compatriots, are missing you very much. It is hereby to extend our regards and solute! Isn't it sarcastic to US government who announces itself "respecting human rights" that you are enjoying "Habeas Corpus" by losing freedom to stay in prison! Isn't it shocking and disappointing! Your story has been drawing close attention from more and more friends both of China and foreign countries. We sincerely wish that your could be granted asylum by US new administration at the soonest to regain your freedom and to promote progress of Chinese Democracy by better leading 40 million Zhong Gong members going forward.

Right after some Democratic Party members including Wang Xi Zhe went to visit you in prison last month, Parties and Groups of Chinese Democracy Movement in Europe, America, and Asia have established "Alliance of Supporting Rescue of Zhang Hong Bao". They went canvassing for a whole week in Washington DC, telling both Senate and House the true story of your case and holding press conference to promote justice. Some representatives such as Zhou Jian He from Temporary Committee of Chinese Democratic Party have attended the canvassing at Capital Hill. I have signed and issued "Statement of Supporting Zhang Hong Bao" which was jointly signed by more than a hundred democratic personages from European countries, Hong Kong, Macao and the United Stated. It has been published by press media of France, Germany, and Holland, etc. Meanwhile, our representative Zhou Xiao has distributed copies of its English translation to every senator of the Congress. We regard it as our duty and obligation to make our efforts in supporting you to get justice and obtain the deserved and fair political treatment as early as possible.

I have learned that you would appear on the appellant court on Feb. 2nd for the file of your appeal. Whether it would end up in success or not is not only related to your own destiny, but also to the prospects of the mass Zhong Gong members, and the last not the least the trend of Chinese Democracy Movement. For this reason, I am suggesting the following four points regarding the possible variances in the trial, direction of your self-defense and lawyer's defense:

I. To counter the criminal charge fabricated by CCP against you, of course you'll quote the conclusion drawn by the Law Research Board of the Congress's Library and the Human Rights Bureau of the State Department through appraisal that the document provided by CCP was fabricated. Besides, you must indicate that the US ex-administration has made a mistake by taking its major opponent CCP as "Strategic Partner", and yielded to CCP's political pressure to misuse lies as evidence. Judicial Department and INS had to carry out order from summit, causing judicial independence interfered by administration. As a result, INS court can't open the court session until now, decision announced by Judge to set you free is hard to enforce, and they are even trying to expel you to some third country so that CCP could get you extradited there. This is the very reason that you are still in jail up to now. Since the ex-administration had played a key role, it is absolutely necessary to criticize its fault.

II. Political Asylum, as the term suggests, is a lawful channel through which political offenders seek shelter. Therefore, you should emphasize your status as a political offender. What's more, you are not an ordinary political offender, but a political leader of an organization possessing a mass members, an organization that is suffering persecution for political reason in its located country. Thus, your case must be handled as a special case. That is to say, it should be decided within 15 days to grant you asylum.

III. It is actually misleading if we talk about emphasizing politics and judicial procedures separately or even set them against each other. Judicial procedures must presuppose the emphasis of politics. We held canvassing to the number one power --- the Congress and made use of the supervising function of the number four power ---- public media. By doing these, our purpose is exactly to help correcting the mistake through judicial procedure, trying to get the fair judgment as soon as possible. The original one group of lawyers is not powerful enough to defend. Now we are adding the second group. All the lawyers must defend on court along the same lines that focus on politics, political offenders and political asylum.

IV. You are the founder and leader of Zhong Gong organization. Meanwhile, you are an entrepreneur as well as a cultural personage. Your performance in China has never broken out the existing law of CCP. So what you and your fellow members suffer from crackdown of CCP is absolutely political persecution. You have any reason to openly apply for political asylum.

As a member of Chinese Democratic Party, I have always been paying close attention to you and Zhong Gong. On one hand, it is because I am concerned about human rights of the 4 million Zhong Gong members; On the other hand, I have noticed that Zhong Gong had possessed 3 thousand enterprises and about 200 thousand employees. They have united some strong social strength. That strength is part of the middle class being formed in China that would surely be the social foundation on which democratic China shall be realized. Let us unite as one to fight for the ending of CCP's monopoly dictatorship, realizing multiple partisan political system, constitutional democracy, and rebuilding the Republic.

Zhang Ying

Executive President
Jan. 26, 2001


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