Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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CCP's Persecution Make Zhang Hong Bao Rise abruptly On the Political Stage
By Zhou Xiao


 (Excerpt from "North America Liberty Tribune" of Jan.19, 2001)

Natural Science and Social Science are of different categories, yet some rules of them might be compatible. For example, the rule that action force equals to reaction force in physics should have a corresponding one in social science. If not, why don't we add this one into social science------ the rule that persecution force equals to anti-persecution force under some certain condition?

After its persecution against Falun Gong, CCP started to openly suppress Zhong Gong. Originally, except people interested in Qi Gong, not many other people even know about Li Hong Zhi. Since Falun Gong was suppressed, Li Hong Zhi and his organization immediately gained considerable fame. Nowadays, CCP declared around 600 Zhong Gong key members guilty and started to sentence them. This fact, plus the obviously framed charge against Zhong Gong founder Zhang Hong Bao aiming at extraditing him back to China, makes Zhang Hong Bao and his organization become known to all Chinese instead. Recently, each international media tries to be the first to publish news related to Zhang Hong Bao, which further makes him world famous. The more fame Zhong Hong Bao gained, the more effects he could have, and the more powerful the anti-persecution force would be.

The condition under which persecution force would equal to anti-persecution force is the rapid development of information transmit technology in modern society. It makes it impossible for persecutors to block the passage of information related to persecution. If the persecution could be carried out secretly, then the rule that persecution force equals to anti-persecution force can hardly be tenable. Currently, all that Zhong Hong Bao and his organization do are exhibited to the whole world, leaving the rights and wrongs to the judge of the world. In this case, as the persecutor, CCP can't just follow its inclinations to do what can be done in secret persecution.

Recently CCP declared charge against some of Zhong Gong key members: Subversion of State Power. Such charge indicated that CCP is now openly treating Zhong Gong as political opponent. While, CCP has always tried to avoid political charge against Zhong Gong members before. Criminal charge used to be the substitute.

China under CCP is a country under dictatorship. Li Peng, the felony who publicly announced massacre over Chinese citizens on June 4 of 1989, is now still sitting in the top position of legislation and execution department of China. CCP has launched a series of political movement since the establishment of the People's Republic of China, having killed or injured lives of countless Chinese citizens. Persecution on Falun Gong is a political movement. Charge imposed on Falun Gong by CCP is devil religion. Suppressing Zhong Gong is another political movement. Charge against Zhong Gong is subversion. Forms of all these movements look different. However, they were all disposed of by the same means, i.e., to impose a charge by force and then suppress. Political movements went on one by one in China, but always ending in persecution. Now the persecution over Zhong Gong is no more than a political persecution against Chinese citizen by CCP just in another form. All charges imposed on the persecuted, referred to the history record of CCP, should be seen as framing up for its political aim.

For the time being, the so-called political aim is " Stability surpassing anything else", which was announced by CCP's first top leader Jiang Ze Min. Yet, it was not Jiang's invention. It is a common sense of all dictators in the past thousands of years. It is typical language of individual administration instead of legal system. Such words clearly and naturally exposed the mentality of ignoring human rights and legality of dictators. The dictators may not be aware of such mentality themselves. Such words conveyed a clear command to his dictatorship from Jiang Ze Min: to make stability surpassing anything else, any measurement including contemptible means can be taken. Measurements are applicable to ordinary Chinese citizen as well as citizen in high position.

Mao Ze Dong, as the president of Chinese Communist Party, framed up charges of traitor, hidden traitor and public thief against Liu Shao Qi. As a result, Liu, Chairman of the People's Republic of China, was starved to death in secret prison because Mao personally regarded him as a political opponent. Deng Xiao Ping, the hidden president of CCP, made decision to kill ordinary citizens on Tiananmen Square publicly in front of the whole world. Charge imposed on these ordinary citizens was causing riots. Again, Jiang Ze Min, as the president of CCP, imposed different charges on Qi Gong organizations ----- Falun Gong and Zhong Gong former and later. Charge against Falun Gong is "devil religion" (Note: Jiang Ze Min told Clinton that Falun Gong was devil religion, while devil religion is not a charge in United States. Jiang is suspected to think himself imitating law of the US.). Charge against Zhong Gong is "subversion of the state power". Based on these two charges, CCP carried out cruel persecutions on members of Falun Gong and Zhong Gong.

Facing the peculiar and cruel fact that Li Peng, the famous killer, is still sitting in the top position of Chinese Legislation and Execution Department, the world has every reason to ignore any so-called charge coming from that country. When people were told how bad someone among them was, they eventually found that the teller was actually a wolf with a mask of human. Vicious wolf has the nature of eating human by any means. So human being should not and will not believe wolf. Instead, human would find out that those calumniated are usually the best among them.

Zhang Hong Bao is exactly an excellent one among human beings. A wolf with the mask of human being, the CCP dictatorship who is cruelly persecuting Chinese citizens, is calumniating him. Zhang Hong Bao has obtained outstanding personal achievements in many aspects as early as 6 years ago. In the science of human body, he refined from Chinese traditional Qi Gong skills to form a new set of skills named Zhong Gong that is of high and fast efficiency in preserving health and increasing wisdom. Many Chinese gain a lot from pratising Zhong Gong skills. In the science of politics, he has proved with counter evidence that Communism theory in Marxism can't hold water. Thus, he peeled the last layer of mask with which CCP cheated its members and the mass. In the same time, he recreated a set of theory to classify the legality CCP should carry out to administrate with Communism as object. In the aspect of political system, Zhang Hong Bao used Chinese traditional philosophy to prove the advantages of democratic system and the disadvantages of the dictatorship. In the aspect of business management, he has the personal experience of managing more than 300,000 employees in business. As for his ability to give speech, he has delivered several wonderful and constructive speeches in front of over one thousand senior officials of Communist Party at the Central Party Institute, the highest education institute of CCP, leaving those state leaders of CCP who are still giving stereotyped speech outshone. In the aspect of organizing ability, the fact that Zhang Hong Bao is the first leader of Zhong Gong organization with 38 million members itself can illustrate that point. Zhang Hong Bao is now 46 years old. The aforementioned can thoroughly be verified. And those were his achievements by his 40.

Zhang Hong Bao's comprehensive capability is the very reason that makes CCP regard him as their most powerful competitor inside the country. Therefore, CCP implemented an internally intense yet externally loose strategy to attack Zhong Gong. In a short time, CCP arrested more than 600 hundred senior employees of Zhong Gong, and sealed its over 3000 enterprises. Maybe thanks to his skills, Zhang Hong Bao escaped from a secret besiege of CCP.

Another wonderful strength on the political stage of China is Li Hong Zhi and his Falun Gong organization. Li also became world famous due to CCP's persecution. But, in my opinion, unless Li Hong Zhi could break through his own limit, i.e., one of the spiritual rule of Falun Gong ---- "Endurance", and stop stating not to involve with politics, I can hardly imagine that Falun Gong would make any contribution to such a social action full of political contents like " polish dictatorship, establish democratic system".

Zhang Hong Bao does not have limit to politics. Unlike Falun Gong, Zhong Gong is not religious organization. Zhong Gong can either be political or non-political. What is politics? It is management of political power. Anything related to management of political power is politics. When one individual's decision can define to what degree people can enjoy human rights or impact people's lives, it is management of political power, and it is political issue. Many signs suggest that Zhang Hong Bao seemed to have started very early preparing for Chinese democratic movement, which is political. If the two streams of strength led by Zhang Hong Bao and Li Hong Zhi could unite with the not much left democratic movement group to join in Chinese democratic movement, I believe that it would be the starting point of the coming climax of Chinese democratic movement, and the stepping out of low tide of Chinese democratic movement. Then, we may see the light of success of Chinese democratic movement that has last a whole century aiming at polishing dictatorship and establishing democratic system.


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