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Jiang Ze-min makes a power political opponent again
Lao Mo

The regime of Jiang Ze-min is in the news again. It has just sentenced four managers of an organization called Branch Jiang Su in Zhong Gong on the charge of subverting state political power. What is their crime? Sending more than sixty letters criticizing Jiang Ze-min for cracking down on the Falun Gong and now a similar religious group, the Zhong Gong. The four managers were detained last October. They are part of more than 600 Zhong Gong who have been detained by the Jiang Ze-min regime. Clearly, the Chinese Regime is on the move against the Zhong Gong, I believe that more key Zhong Gong members will be sentenced under the charge of a variety crimes one after another. This means that the Jiang Zemin Regime will make Zhong Gong,
a group whose members now number as many as 38 million, a powerful political opponent. Now could we account, how many more people in Mainland China will find themselves soon on the Communists?enemies?list?

Falun Gong claims 100 million followers, what is defined as heresy has been cracked down; all of the underground churches are rooted out. The peasants who can� bear the burden have the courage to go against government; The unemployed workers protest in the way of demonstration, lying on the railroad and blocking train. The clusters of corrupt officials are exposed as ?getting mud while pulling out turnip? Mafia springs up all over the place. Police and bandit are one family, government and bandit are one family, army and bandit are one family; they hit smuggle; arrest the criminals who are traffic in narcotics. The service trade what is known?it is difficult to open, if it has not sex?is to shut down; Publish trade, audio-video trade is to be cleaned up?now it needs to deal with Zhong Gong. Oh! Accounting in fingers, only several �lean?old fellow of CPC have
been remained in China! I worry for Chairman Jiang so much and how to open this special communist supermarket!

But looking back on the account, who is real threat to the CPC political power among the above persons?

Taking fact, these exercising Qi-gong old men and old women are only to take physical activities, in any case they can subvert state political power! All kinds of followers in the church are mostly losers in the lash of economical tide, finding spiritual comfort from god. These two kinds of people should have been considered the weaker in the social competition, and Qi-gong and religious offer these people a spiritual place exactly. Eradicating Qi-gong and the religious so that so many disturbing souls can find comfort place, promotes instability in the society!

Crack down Falun Gong has gone on for more than one year,and it is difficult to wind up more and more, Jiang Ze-min is rather headache for it. The other Qi-gong organizations, including Zhong Gong, were silent, and this situation was calming down slowly. But, it is not clear, who suggested bad trick for Jiang Ze-min again, and put Zhong Gong in crackdown. It causes confusion to the original unstable country situation.

I think that Jiang Ze-min trick is not so brilliant.


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