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What did Jiang Ze Min Win?
Lao Kan

Now China has become the focus to which the world is paying close attention. Relying on his lofty position, peerless power, countless think tank, and formidable military capability, Jiang Ze Min has launched campaigns in almost every field the society: entering WTO, bid for Olympics, purchase of modern warship, trial fire of multi-headed missile, hard-line punishment in anti-corruption and setting off a new upsurge in anti-cult of fight with Falun Gong!

What else? If there is anything else, that is Jiang Ze Min's fight with Zhang Hong Bao gradually emerging above the water.

As per publicity, President Jiang Ze Min has already contested with Zhang Hong Bao, leader of Zhong Gong organization. The cause was that Zhang Hong Bao's theory went against Marxist theory, that Zhong Gong has attracted 38 million persons, which was said to be a hidden political danger to the stability of President Jiang Ze Min's power. Therefore, Jiang Ze Min's first stroke was to have 3000 odd industrial organizations of Zhong Gong searched and then sealed, to have all their properties confiscated, and to have their 600 odd backbones arrested, driving Zhang Hong Bao to escape to the United States seeking for asylum at one blow. It seemed Jiang Ze Min had won with his first stroke.

The second stroke of Jiang Ze Min was taken when the US government was about to grant Zhang Hong Bao asylum. He would not like to get further entangled with Zhang Hong Bao in the area of politics, fearing that might accelerate the speed of the approval of his asylum. Instead, he employed a mean trick that has been often used against Chinese political dissidents. After analyzing American laws and American psychology, he ordered his subordinates framed up the criminal charge of "rape" and fabricated evidence accordingly. They straightened out the related channels in the United States in advance and published those evidences in all major media that were supposed to submit to the Court, trying to degrade Zhang Hong Bao's reputation with "conviction of public opinion". In order to achieve the goal, they saved no face for the great nation and took no consideration whether it conformed to law. After that, they required the US government not to grant Zhang Hong Bao asylum but to extradite him back to China for conviction, which put the US related authorities into a dilemma that they might either offend China or impact America's international reputation no matter they grant Zhang Hong Bao asylum or not. The judge had no choice but to give him "Anti-maltreatment Protection". Who knows which string Jiang Ze Min pulled from behind the scenes so that the INS continued to keep Zhang Hong Bao in jail up to now? We should say again Jiang Ze Min won.

Now here comes the third stroke. Learning that on Feb. 19 the INS Court would again hear the case of Zhang Hong Bao, some Chinese official let out three cases as evidences of Zhang Hong Bao's crime of "raping", which have been published on some web site. Despite that those evidences were so inconsistent and full of holes, it is obvious that another campaign of "conviction by public opinion" is undertaking. The outcome would stay unknown until sentence is announced on Feb.19.

Up to now, it appears Zhang Hong Bao and his Zhong Gong organization have lost. But, what on earth has Jiang Ze Min won?

Actually Jiang Ze Min only won in form, but the price was he lost the support of the people.

Zhong Gong, just like any other group of Qi Gong, provides common people in China where medical treatment is in desperate need with the traditional technology of body building up and disease treatment. It has become deeply acknowledged and trusted by Chinese common people. It is said that within only one decade, Zhang Hong Bao has attracted dozens million of followers, and that without asking one penny from the State, he established thousands of industrial organization in cities and counties all over China, having created hundred thousands of employment. Without any reason, Jiang Ze Min tried to eliminate all Qi Gong groups, including Zhong Gong. By doing that, first of all, he has hurt the feeling of Chinese common people.

Those who pass on Qi Gong skills and those who practise Qi Gong skills are all kind persons. Suppressing such a large group of people as opponent power and stopping nice person from living helps people to become aware who on earth is devil. Therefore, the support of the people would go further close to and show more mercy to the persecuted, as people naturally tend to approach the kind-hearted, leaving the unreliable government more and more isolated.

They would not let it go after they destroyed the good turns of the people, but chase after Zhang Hong Bao, the spiritual leader in the people's mind, and his organization to abroad, trying to make them perish through persecutions. They even took dirty means like fabricating evidences and defaming, etc., at the cost of corrupting national image and personality. What they did not only hurt the Chinese people, but insult people of the world.

The so-called evidences of accusation against Zhang Hong Bao that Chinese government provided to the INS Court of the United States were regarded as material of zero value for investigation by lawyers. It not only revealed that Chinese Constitution and law system are but an empty shell, and that human rights status is too disgusting in China, but also help people to grasp the nature of Jiang Ze Min and his shameless government and so cast them aside.

So, what on earth did Jiang Ze Min win? Really don't know how he came out of the decision!


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