Zhang Hongbao in Blast Furnace

A Documentary on How the Outstanding Spiritual Leader

Transformed to a Political Leader

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No.2 Announcement from CSG

CSG Office
11/8/2003 4:40:00 AM


After three months preparation, the first Cabinet of CSG is announced to come into being.

CSG adopts a presidential system and its Cabinet reflects the related features in the form of 12 committees: People¡¯s Political Involvement, Political Reform Promotion, Personnel Supervision, Finance, Diplomacy and Taiwan Affairs, Media Supervision, Science and Education, Legal Supervision, National Security and Army, Human Rights and Labor, Sports and Hygiene, Minorities and Religions.

One Cabinet lasts for 5 years, the same with the current Chinese government. There are four years left for this Cabinet.

The recent goals for this Cabinet are:

1. Set up a communication network, including CSG website; an email list which will send out 10 million emails at one time; renting certain frequency on satellite television to set up co-operations with all countries¡¯ Chinese radio services on special topics; creating CSG newspaper; setting up comprehensive communication with all governments and UN.
2. Watch closely and disclose the hidden agendas of Jiang Ze Min and his son, to foil their illegal scheme in trying to turn China into Jiang Dynasty.
3. Supervise the current ¡°Hu and Wen Regime¡±, esp. on the stages of political reform and ruling measures.
4. Make judgments on the possibility of ¡°Zeng Qing Hong Regime¡±, and possible trends in the case of a ¡°Zeng Qing Hong Regime¡± and its possible consequences. At the same time, prepare for these possibilities.
5. Continue in building up the infrastructure of CSG Cabinet, including personnel, finance, property, affairs and related rights and powers.

CSG Office,
At 11 p.m., November 3, 2003 (L. A. time)

News Release No. 2, CSG.


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